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Artist Song
Wall of Voodoo  Longarm 
Wall of Voodoo  The Passenger 
Wall of Voodoo  Can't Make Love 
Wall of Voodoo  Ring of Fire 
Wall of Voodoo  E*d of an Era (Live at the Barn, 11-22-79) 
Wall of Voodoo  Invisible Man (Live at the Barn, 11-22-79) 
Wall of Voodoo  The Good, The Bad & The Ugly/Hang 'Em High (Live at the Barn, 11-22-79) 
Wall of Voodoo  Red Light 
Wall of Voodoo  Two Minutes Till Lunch 
Wall of Voodoo  Full of Tension 
Wall of Voodoo  Back in Flesh 
Wall of Voodoo  Call Box (1-2-3) 
Wall of Voodoo  This Way Out 
Wall of Voodoo  Good Times 
Wall of Voodoo  Tomorrow 
Wall of Voodoo  Lost Week*nd 
Wall of Voodoo  Factory 
Wall of Voodoo  On Interstate 15 
Wall of Voodoo  Call of the West 
Wall of Voodoo  Mexican Radio (Single Mix) 
Wall of Voodoo  Tomorrow (Live at Barstow Auditorium, 8-18-82) 


I made this mix a few years ago and forgot to archive it here. All my favorite tracks from the bizarre L.A.-based industrial/tex-mex/sci-fi/b-movie score/synthpop band that most people only know for "Mexican Radio." Like many, I grew up with that hit single, but I became truly obsessed with these guys for a while in college. Their music especially brings back fond memories of driving around campus during the scorching pre-summer months at the tail of my freshman year in '96, and road trips later that summer with my first love. A year later, my short-lived band even did a cover of "Two Minutes Till Lunch" (with me on bass and vocals). I remember paying $20 to some guy on the internet for a CD of "Dark Continent" back then (amazing that it's been out of print for that long). Sadly, it's one of the absolute thinnest, flimsiest sounding CDs I've ever heard and is in dire need of remastering.

You will notice this only covers the early years of the band when Stan Ridgway was frontman. I've heard a few tracks from the Prieboy era and can't say I'm very interested. It seems the two eras of the band share a name in common and little else beyond that. To me, Ridgway is a huge part of their appeal (although late guitarist Marc Moreland isn't far behind), even though some dismiss him as "gimmicky" and praise Prieboy as being more genuine. Anyway, these guys were a really unique little band...too bad they couldn't keep it together for more than two albums and an EP. Interestingly enough, I had absolutely no problem fitting all my favorite tracks on one disc (with eight minutes to spare, I might add). Although I should note that shortly after I made this mix I came across a phenomenal bootleg live version of "Tomorrow" that I would have opted for over this "Call Of The West" studio version. Oh, and the infamous, defunct Barn is about 15 miles from here at UC Riverside. (Heh, Interstate 15 is also about 20 miles from here.) I think being from SoCal helps in understanding and appreciating this band.

EDITED 3/28/09: I added the live version of "Tomorrow." I really wanted to add their performance of "Fun Zone" from the 1983 US Festival (Stan and Joe's final gig with the band...they literally left after the show was over) but I just can't get the YouTube sourced audio to sound decent enough.

Oh, and for some dumbass reason, the site script is not allowing the word "e-n-d," so I've had to find a way around that.


p the swede
Date: 4/7/2006
they were great once upon a time
Mr. Mirage
Date: 4/7/2006
I am currently waiting for my copy of Black Diamonds, and burned Mosquitos from a cassette. Stan is the Man, indeed.
Rob Conroy
Date: 4/7/2006
Add this one to my pile... I'd love to hear more than "Mexican Radio"...
joey de vivre
Date: 4/7/2006
I only know "MexicanRadio" & "Tomorrow" , but those two make me believe they must be great on "Ring of Fire" & others . . .
Date: 4/7/2006
Lots of great picks here. In particular the stuff from Call of the West and the Ring of Fire EP. The first couple of Stan Ridgeway solo albums really good.
George, I've got the first three Stan albums and Drywall's "Work The Dumb Oracle," but haven't given any of them bar "The Big Heat" (which is really good) an extensive listen.
Date: 4/7/2006
Wall of Voodoo, oh yeah, they bring back memories for me, too. They sounded so different from anything I had known at that time. I'd love to trade for this one if you are interested.
Date: 4/8/2006
Nice! While I really love what I know of Wall Of Voodoo, I really don't think I've explored them enough. So this is definitley an inspiration to do so.
Date: 4/11/2006
I was also pretty fanatical about WoV back in the day, and those records still hold up to these ears. You managed to skip the WoV song that I overuse on mix discs - "They Don't Want Me".

And of the post Ridgway stuff, I was skeptical at first, but when I heard "Far Side of Crazy" I thought they might be able to pull it off. But that was a fluke great song, because rest of it just doesn't measure up. Especially when you compare it to Stan's first solo album. Perhaps they should have used a different name.