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The First Glimpse At The Abyss - Time To Die - Stained Skin

Side A
Artist Song
The Flaming Lips  She Is Death 
The Cult  She Sells Sanctuary 
Bauhaus  She's In Parties 
Joy Division  She's Lost Control 
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds  She Fell Away 
Johnny Cash  Delia's Gone 
Butthole Surfers  American Woman 
Roxy Music  In Every Dream Home A Heartache 
Depeche Mode  Flies On The Windscreen 
Coil  The First Five Minutes After Death 
Side B
Bauhaus  Kick In The Eye 
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry  Hollow Eyes 
Siouxsie & The Banshees  Peek - A - Boo 
Bauhaus  Lagartine Nick 
Nine Inch Nails  Suck (Mini CD) 
Revolting Cocks  Stainless Steel Providers 
The Legendary Pink Dots  Wall Purges Night 
Tones On Tail  The Movement Of Fear 
Controlled Bleeding  The Groan 
Ultra Vivid Scene  Mercy Seat 
The Bubblemen  Bees (Extract) 


Yes, I know this is Bauhaus heavy! It was made for a friend who wanted an introduction to eighty's style death rock; for she is going to see Bauhaus opening up for NIN (So am I, But that is beside the point.) So, this is what she is getting. I know some of you will argue She Is Death is not a "Death Rock" song but you are wrong so go away. The next thing you're going to find wrong is the Cash song, yes it isn't 80's but Johnny Cash is the first death rocker, get use to it! The next will be the Roxy Music; but I ask have you listened to it? The rest of the tape speaks for itself I think. The only thing missing is The Virgin Prunes but, I didn't have the room.


Mark Petruccelli
Date: 5/1/2006
This is heavy duty. I didn't get to the NIN show here but a few friends did and they said it kicked major ass so enjoy.