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Machine Moving - Earwax & Parasites/Multicoloured Drippings

Side A
Artist Song
George Carlin  Opening  
Nurse With Wound  And He Ran Into My Knife 
Butthole Surfers  Boiled Dove 
Chris Connelly  Ignition Times Four 
Big Black  Kerosene  
Fugazi  Burning Too  
George Carlin  Join The Service! 
Butthole Surfers  Bar - B - Que Pope 
Monster Magnet  Pill Shovel  
William S. Burroughs  I'm Not Payed To Listen To This Drivel! 
Gumball  Depression 
Fishbone  Ass Whipping 
Nine Inch Nails  Get Down Make Love  
KMFDM  God Like 
Ice Cube  The Opening From The First Day Of School 
Ice - T  The Tower 
Side B
Ministry W/Gibby Haynes  Jesus Built My Hotrod 
Godflesh  Meltdown  
Baby M  Jim/Gym 
Ministry W/William S. Burroughs  Just One Fix (W. S. B.) 
Ministry W/William S. Burroughs  Quick Fix 
Fugazi  And The Same  
Butthole Surfers  Cherub  
Naked Raygun  Peacemaker  
Pailhead  Man Should Surrender 
Bill Cosby and...  The Fat Albert Theme 
Skinny Puppy  Church  


This is an oldie but a goodie! This was recorded Feb. 20, 1994 for a Hickory Homie back in the day named Drew (You Fat Fuck! LOL). I just found it in my tape collection, why I have it instead of him is a mystery. As you can tell this is a mix of pretty much heavy punk rock. it was made when I was 25 for a 18 to 20 yr. old, I think, I can't remember how old he was. OK, I guess Monster Magnet doesn't qualify as being exactly "Punk Rock" but, it sure as hell fits the mood of this tape, because at this point it's a good break from the fire assault you've been listening too. Neither does the gangsta' rap, but what can I say, the punks I hung with listened to all kinds of shit! And, The Fat Albert Theme that was a request and I thought it was hilarious before Church! Hope all enjoy the play list. I must say it was as much fun putting this up as finding and listening to one of my own tapes twelve years later.