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Songs To Soothe The Stones - Strangely Beautiful/Stonerisms For A Major

Side A
Artist Song
Gangbusters 1950's  Intro - ND 
Butthole Surfers  Chewin' George Lucas' Chocolate - 1993 
Butthole Surfers  Cough Syrup - 1996 
Wool  Medication - 1992 
William S. Burroughs  The Vultures Are Gone And Will Never Come Back - 1993 
The God Machine  Dream Machine - 1993 
The Legendary Pink Dots  Poppy Day - 1984 
This Mortal Coil  Alone - 1986 
Ultra Vivid Scene  Medicating Angels - 1992 
The Flaming Lips  Jesus Shootin' Heroin - 1986 
Mercury Rev  Chasing A Girl In A Car - 1992 
Side B
Grotus  Good Evening - 1993 
William S. Burroughs  This Is Insane - 1993 
Butthole Surfers  The First of Revolution Part 1 (Very Odd) - 1991 
Kip Addotta  Wet Dream - 1984 
2 Nu!  This Is Ponderous - 1991 
The Orb  The Land Of Green Ginger - 2004 
Wir  The first of A Bargin At 3 And 20 Yeah! - 1991 
Wir  Ticking Voice - 1991 
Coil  Babylero - 1986 
David Byrne & Brian Eno W/Dunya Yusin  Regiment - 1981 
The Creatures  Inoa'ole - 1983 
The Virgin Prunes  Bau-dachong - 1982 
Butthole Surfers  Kuntz - 1987 
Mr. Bungle  Desert Search For Techno Allah - 1995 
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band  As Kind As Summer - 1968 
Uncle Don  Well That Should Hold The Little Bastards - ND 


Well, here it is. This was made for a friend of mind whom happens to be a music major at UNCG. She's told me the only concerts that she has been too are Alabama, Foreigner, 311 & Phish (3X's)! I felt that I had to turn her on to something worth listening too before her brain rots. It may be too late but it never hurts to try, even though I know that if this is listened to once I should consider myself lucky. I tried to put a good selection of accessible stoner music from a punk stoners standpoint. Hope y'all enjoy the list.


Rob Conroy
Date: 8/14/2006
This looks pretty cool to me.
Date: 8/14/2006
Looks good! Can she take it?
Date: 8/14/2006
Don't know, but women seem to be able too put up with more shit than men so we will see.
Date: 8/14/2006
Good picks all around. I particularly like the This Mortal Coil, WCPAEB and Grotus tunes.
Mark Petruccelli
Date: 8/14/2006
Cool (I got stoned with Kip Addotta - twice)