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Quit Fucking With Me - Wheres The Joint/Find Your Own Momma

Side A
Artist Song
Shockabilly  You Dungeon My Brain 
The Jackofficers  L.A. Momma Peanut Butter 
Roxy Music  In Every Dream Home A Heart Ache 
The Cure  Fear Of Ghosts 
Steel Pole Bathtub  Bee Sting 
Fugazi  Exit Only 
Brainticket  Places Of Light 
The Pixies  Wave Of Mutilation (U.K. Surf) 
Einstnrzende Neubauten  Meningitis 
Brian Eno/David Byrne  Qu'ran 
Hilt  Back To Insanity 
Butthole Surfers  Part of Neee Neee 
Side B
Pailhead  I Will Refuse 
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult  Kooler Than Jesus (Electric Messia Mix) 
Godflesh  Spite 
Pink Floyd  If 
Dessau  Isolation 
Gang Of Four  Armalite Rifle 
1000 Homo DJ's  Apathy 
Butthole Surfers  I Saw An X-Ray Of A Girl Passing Gas 
Ministry  Flashback 


Another tape that I made for myself back in around '90-'91 (I didn't date it like I normally do.). It sort of frightening see songs from way back in the day that I'm still using to this day. I guess it shows that they are classics or I'm just stuck in the old skool. This was just another tape to roll around to on long hot summer nights in Hickory (Stress The First Four Letters!), NC. Where the punks had nothing better to do than roll around, hang out at "the square", or J.C. Park and try to avoid the rednecks. Thanks for looking at this mix and many more if you leave feedback. I will return the favor.


Rob Conroy
Date: 9/9/2006
I love the Roxy, Fugazi, Pixies, Byrne/Eno, Surfers, Floyd, Ministry and Go4 picks.
short wave radio
Date: 9/9/2006
lots of good bands on this
Date: 5/18/2010
any mix w/ brainticket on it is pretty much all right w/ me......