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Burning Butterflies In Retrospect

Side A
Artist Song
Butthole Surfers  22 Going On 23 
Butthole Surfers  Graveyard 
The Flying Lizards  Summertime Blues 
The Residents  The Shoe Salesman 
Joy Division  Warsaw 
Alien Sex Fiend  Smells Like... 
Click Click  Red 
Virgin Prunes  Bau-Dach├Ěng 
Bauhaus  Crowds 
The Beastie Boys  Cookie Puss 
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds  She Fell Away 
Side B
The Legendary Pink Dots  The Love Puppets 
Bauhaus  Departure 
This Mortal Coil  16 Days Gathering Dust 
Virgin Prunes  No Birds To Fly 
The Creatures  Inoa'ole 
Front 242  Masterhit Parts 1 & 2 
The Legendary Pink Dots  Sleezo 
P16 D4  E & E 
Paul Young & Streetband  Toast 
Pink Floyd  Bike 
Bobby McFerrin   Manyana Iguana 


This is one of the many of the mix tapes that I made for my eventual soon to be ex-wife. I just happened to think this one was too good to let her keep so I stole it back. You must remember that this was made somewhere in late '87 to early '89 when I made this tape I was in my late teens (I'm currently 37 pushing 38!). I could probably narrow it down further by looking up dates for releases but I don't feel like being bothered. This was a tape made for serious psychedelic drugs, and has been taking on many a trip then and since. It is very condusive to the ears and made for a easy trip (If you like extremely dark weird music!). I think it turned out great; even after all these years; with 11 songs on each side. I didn't mean for it to happen that way, it just worked out. And here's a shout out to losingsoul whom I know enjoyed this one night with Jules and me tripping balls and drinking my dad's liquor. Sorry dad. There might have been some weed involved, but I can't remember, go figure! None the less it was a fun tape to make, re-listen to again after years gathering dust (for I had lost the track listing) and to post it. I hope you will all enjoy the tracks. Any feedback is appreciated and will be returned on one of you latest mixes.


Date: 9/10/2006
Oh you sinful man. A very interesting collection here. Dark and dour, yet sweetened with sprinklings of light. I understand your desire to retain it. I tried pushing 38 -- I failed; it just rolled over me. Still, I guess there's no harm in trying.
short wave radio
Date: 9/10/2006
nice stuff. love them butthole surfers and joy division. the beastie boys are good too.
Rob Conroy
Date: 9/11/2006
I second Nomates' comments--about the mix, that is. ;-)
Mark Petruccelli
Date: 9/11/2006
Interesting final combination (Floyd into McFerrin might have pushed me right into the speedy after-ride.)
Date: 9/11/2006
The only reason for the McFerrin is the fact of him singing "It's time to say bye-bye."