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Sleep Mix 2: Revenge of the Zs

Artist Song
Milky  The Emperor of Oranges 
Joe Hisaishi  River Side 
Dolorean  Jenny Place Your Bets 
Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins  Melt Your Heart 
Elliot Smith  Everything Reminds Me Of Her 
Fiona Apple  Slow Like Honey 
Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions  Suzanne 
Iron and Wine  Sunset and Soon Forgotten 
James Newton Howard  The Gravel Road 
Jose Gonzalez  Heartbeats 
Low  Death of a Salesman 
Ludwig Von Beethoven  Fur Elise 
Moby  Hymn 
Nightmare's On Wax  Morse 
Of Montreal  Track 07 
Pink Floyd  Comfortably Numb 
Weezer  Butterfly 
Tori Amos  1000 Oceans 
Mazzy Star  Look on Down From the Bridge 
k.  We Were to Dance (Time Stereo Does This Hurt Mix) 


I liked having a Sleep Mix so much that I had to make a second so i didn't play out the first one. It's another mix that's just laid back, ready to ease you into dreamland, but all quality tracks so you can enjoy it while you're awake. The best part is, put it on shuffle and it's a new mix every night! Hope you like it; let me know what you think!
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Date: 9/20/2006
Only tracks I know on this mix are 6,13,16,18 and 19. And I like all those tracks - I like sleep mixes, so I'm sure this is a good one!