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CD | Mixed Genre

Country Rock - An Idiosyncratic History - 1

Artist Song
Clarence White  Grandma Funderbunk's Music Box 
Buffalo Springfield  Pay The Price 
Gene Clark  Train Leaves Here This Morning 
The Everly Brothers  I'm On My Way Home Again 
The Flying Burrito Brothers  Close Up The Honky Tonks 
Richard Torrence & Eureka  North Dakota Lady 
Dillard & Clark  Why Not Your Baby? 
Guilbeau & Parsons  Your Gentle Way of Loving Me 
The Dillards  Nobody Knows 
Blackburn & Snow  Time 
Ian & Sylvia  Takin' Care of Business 
Jerry Jeff Walker  Shell Game 
Clarence WHite  Buckaroo 
Commander Cody & his Lost Planet Airmen  California Okie 
Doug Sahm  Is Anybody Going To San Antonio 
Country Joe & the Fish  Thursday 
Doug Sahm  Faded Love 
The Flying Burrito Brothers  Mr. Spaceman 
Gene Clark  Full Circle (early mix) 
Leo Leblanc  Hong Kong Hillbilly 
McKendree Spring  Down By The River 
Poco  Honky Tonk Downstairs 
McKendree Spring  Heart Like A Wheel 
Kris Kristofferson  Sunday Morning Coming Down 
Poco  Grand Junction 
The Flying Burrito Brothers  Christine's Tune (AKA The Devil In Disguise) 
Commander Cody & his Lost Planet Airmen  Seeds & Stems Again 


Country Rock: An Idiosyncratic History July/September 2006

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I have been thinking about doing a compilation of Country-Rock music for quite some time. It was a genre central to `the soundtrack' of my life. I had played the acoustic guitar and sang in the folk years of the early `60s, (but who didn't?). All my friends had a guitar and singing and playing was a natural group activity.

I enjoyed rock and was an avid follower of the British invasion, but never `went' electric and never was in a garage band. I liked and followed the union of folk and rock, and folk rock tunes were the songs that superseded folk music in our continuing sing-alongs into college.

I view country rock, though some would argue, as a subgenre of folk rock because it started later (1967/68), was centered in Southern California, and `ended' (or evolved into other things) by the middle 1970's. In other words, it was (is) a `set' that fits in time and place within the `larger' genre, folk-rock. Nonetheless, the songs were simple and accessible and the style flavored a lot of the pop of the 70's. My friends and I could sing `em and we could play `em too.

Is country rock my favorite music? No, nothing is. And then everything is.
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The Misfit
Date: 9/30/2006
Lots of great selections here!
Date: 9/30/2006
A very worthwhile project. I love the "autobiographical" notes and wholeheartedly agree with your motivations. Lots of top tracks on this one. I'll venture forth and peruse the next volume. The series is off to an excellent start.
Date: 9/30/2006
Very nice project.
Sean Lally
Date: 9/30/2006
great! love seeing g&p, gene clark, clarence white (one of the greatest guitarists ever), dillards, among others. now, where's the Byrds?
Sister ZoT Jarvis
Date: 10/1/2006
Nomates has certainly summed it up.
Date: 10/1/2006
Nice collection. Looking forward to checking out this series.
Date: 10/2/2006
I had no idea Ian & Sylvia did a cover of Takin' Care of Business. Intriguing!