I Only Tell You Things I Know

Artist Song
TV On The Radio  Wolf Like Me 
Love  The Red Telephone 
Baby Lemonade  Brooke & The Sandman 
The Rain Parade  I Look Around 
The Telepathic Butterflies  A Final Word 
Bevis Frond  Lights are Changing 
Spencer Davis Group  Time Seller 
Zombies  A Rose for Emily 
13th Floor Elevators  You're Gonna Miss Me 
The Byrds  Eight Miles High 
Mercury Rev  Chasing a Bee 
The Apples in Stereo  Shine a Light 
The Sleepy Jackson  Devil Was in my Yard 
Brian Wilson  Surf's Up 
Spiritualized Electric Mainline  Lay Back in the Sun 
Outrageous Cherry  Nothing's Gonna Cheer You Up 
The Flaming Lips  She Don't Use Jelly 
The Clientele  (I Want You) More Than Ever 
The Left Banke  I've Got Something on My Mind 


A Psych mix, 60's psych, neo psych, etc. I thought about making a mix like this a few times over the last few months, but it finally came about when hearing "the red telephone" back to back with "wolf like me", heard randomly on my mp3 player the other day.

Hi to all I've not written to/heard from in ages! I'm still here in Perth, but not mixing like I used to...



Sean Lally
Date: 10/2/2006
Great! So many wonderful tunes, but I'm especially partial to 4, 8-10. 12 amd 14.
Date: 10/2/2006
Hot stuff hear!
Rob Conroy
Date: 10/2/2006
FANTASTIC!!! So good to see you here and to know that you're still breathing. Please drop a line someday...
Date: 10/2/2006
Oh!!! My!!! God!!! How long has it been? What have you been up to? How's your love life? How's Xuxu doing? Has she started smoking yet? Anyway, enough questions. Looks like a classic Sue mix, but without all the obscure Perth bands I don't recognize. Welcome back, even if it might be another year or two before we see another one. Let's hope not.
Date: 10/2/2006
The perfect mix. Utterly fantastic! I especially like the 1-19 stretch...
Date: 10/2/2006
Classic. Psych goodness. Lovely that you've posted a new mix.
p the swede
Date: 10/3/2006
poppy and nice
Date: 10/3/2006
yes, very nice
Date: 10/5/2006
I'm with Moe. Astonished to see a post. (I did a triple-take, rubbed my eyes so severely that it's taken me this long to regain sight.., then I had to do some hunting to retrieve this mix. I'm getting used to the eye-patch though!) All of this stuff is right up my alley! Great!