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It *is* Going to be THAT kind of Party

Artist Song
The Evolution Control Committee  Rocked by Rape 
The Kleptones  1800 War of Confusion 
Aggro1  Kelly Clarkson vs Led Zeppelin 
C.H.A.O.S. Productions  Michael Remembers Cheryl 
DJ Max Entropy  Short Skirt, London Bridge 
J-Kwon vs Blues Brothers  Tipsy Bros  Bootystition 
Team9 vs Hard Fi vs ABBA  The Money Song 
The Police vs Rick James  Put on the Super Freak 
Yes vs Sir Mix-a-Lot  Owner of a Lovely Butt 
Totom  You Know These Boots Are Getting Smaller 
Alex H  Moon Frog 
Beastie Boys vs A-Team  Intergalactic A-Team 
Bobby Martini  Lullabye In Your Eyes 
Clash Stefani  Radio Hollaback 
Reverend Dan  Its Getting Bongo Rock in Her 
Led Snoopelin  Drop It Like IT's A Whole Lott 
The Kleptones  Love Song for Yoshimi 
Irn Mnky  Teenage Praiseland 
Party Ben  Boulevard of Broken Songs 


I've had this mix knocking around my head for some time, and my September IMP seemed like the perfect time to do it. I love mash-ups and bootlegs and whatever else they get called ever since I heard A Stroke of Genie-us back in 2000. Most of these tracks are available online for download, so a little Google-Fu will take you a long way. Hopefully, some folks will get the reference with the cover art/title; I showed a couple people, but was only met with confused looks. Oh well. As always, let me know what you think!
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Date: 10/5/2006
Got the reference even before I saw the taters...nice work. Wanna trade?
Date: 10/5/2006
The fact that some people reacted with "confused looks" concerns me. I worry on their behalf that life may just roll past them and they'll miss the good bits. Oh well, no such problems with yourself. This is a very entertaining tracklist. Party indeed.