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"Now That's What I Call F***ing Music!"

Artist Song
King Missile  Martin Scorcese  
1000 Mona Lisas  You Oughta Know 
Ween  Nan  
Cake  Nugget  
We're Desperate  
Wall Of Voodoo  Back In Flesh  
Beck  Fume  
Michael and Janet Jackson  Scream 
Spacehog  Space Is The Place  
The Buzzcocks  Orgasm Addict  
The Nails  88 Lines About 44 Women  
Wang Chung  The World In Which We Live 
John Lennon  Working Class Hero  
Nada Surf  Sleep  
Superdrag  Sugar  
Nirvana  Stain  
Paul McCartney  Big Boys Bickering 
The Costello Show (Elvis Costello)  Suit Of Lights 
Harvey Danger  Terminal Annex  
Violent Femmes  Add It Up  
Steve Martin  Car rant from Planes, Trains and Automobiles. [UNLISTED TRACK] 


Simply put, this is a CD with a bunch of songs that feature the f-word. I could easily make a volume two. I included stuff like Paul McCartney, Wang Chung and Michael Jackson just for the sheer novelty of hearing them "drop the f-bomb."


Date: 4/4/2001
I never knew Michael Jackson said the "f" word! Lotsa good stuff here!
abigail dice
Date: 8/5/2002
oh oh! amazing picks by Cake, Harvey Danger AND Violent Femmes. yikes! this made me very happy.
rad jose1
Date: 8/15/2002
if i can find my tape like this i'll post it... made it YEARS ago, but it was more like songs that said the f-word as much as possible in a single song... it was called "roll the fuckin' tape" and shared that Cake song... on another note, 1000 Mono Lisa's cover, i thought i was the only one who remebered that... i think yr my alternate reality twin, and some how one of us accidently fell in to the other reality... arg too much PKD!
My goal was to choose (mainly) more esoteric or subtle fare than songs that just say the f-word over and over. It was more of a challenge that way. :-)
Date: 5/15/2003
i got the smiths song from the pretty in pink soundtrack but i remember that virsion on ferris. hey if you want the answers just e mail me. echo and the bunny men i got from donnie darko. ill re watch gross point
Date: 11/14/2003
NICE inclusion of the rare Superdrag track. Do you have a good quality version of that? Superdrag (well, power pop) freak here. And why is that Weezer mix weird? Hahaha.