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BECK - "In A Cold Ass Fashion" [2CD]

Side A
Artist Song
Beck  MTV Makes Me Want To Smoke Crack (new version - part I) 
Beck  Loser  
Beck  The New Pollution  
Beck  Electric Music And The Summer People (new version) 
Beck  Get Real Paid  
Beck  High 5 (Rock The Catskills)  
Beck  Burro (mariachi version) 
Beck  Beercan  
Beck  Nicotine & Gravy  
Beck  We Live Again  
Beck  Feather In Your Cap (new version) 
Beck  Lord Only Knows  
Beck  Beautiful Way  
Beck  Where It's At  
Beck  Cold Brains  
Beck  Whiskeyclone, Hotel City 1997  
Beck  Canceled Check  
Beck  MTV Makes Me Want To Smoke Crack (new version - part II) 
Beck  Debra  
Side B
Beck  Sexx Laws  
Beck  O Maria  
Beck  Milk & Honey  
Beck  Nobody's Fault But My Own  
Beck  Rowboat 
Beck  Deadweight (edit) 
Beck  Pay No Mind (Snoozer)  
Beck  Soul Suckin' Jerk (Reject) (edit) 
Beck  This Is My Crew 
Beck  Devil's Haircut 
Beck  Asshole  
Beck  Hollywood Freaks  
Beck  Novocane 
Beck  Dead Melodies  
Beck  Leave Me On The Moon (new version) 
Beck  Mixed Bizness  
Beck  Tropicalia  
Beck  Diamond In The Sleaze 
Beck  Jack-Ass (Butch Vig mix) 
Beck  Arabian Nights 


This is a two disc set that my friend and I came up with. Again, so much quality material that it was hard to narrow it down. This includes all of his singles - bar "Sissyneck" - some great album tracks, a few b-sides and a very cursory glance at his indie material. (My friend lobbied hard for "Satan Gave Me A Taco," but gave up in the end). Disc one is called "Rockin' The Plastic Like A Man From The Casket" and disc two is called "Rockin' The Town Like A Moldy Crouton." A very nice starter kit. Track 1, disc 1 is the acoustic segment, track 18 the "lounge version." And the edit of track 8, disc 2, was done by us: an early slow fade during the bass riff that's repeated ad nauseum.
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Date: 4/7/2001
You must think I'm stalking you! Anyway, get your hands on a copy of the Sexx Laws single for Salt In The Wound, my fave Beck tune of the moment.
I've actually heard "Salt In The Wound," but it didn't do as much for me as "This Is My Crew" and the "Sexx Laws (Malibu Mix)."
Date: 5/2/2003
A much more ambitious project than my best of beck (which serves its function as an intro for my best friend). I'll search out the couple songs I don't know.