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MP3 Playlist | Theme - Cover Songs
MP3 Playlist | Theme - Cover Songs
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This One's For My Homies

Artist Song
Nina Gordon  Straight Outta Compton (NWA Cover) 
Dynamite Hack  Boyz N Tha Hood (NWA Cover) 
Jonathan Coulton  Baby Got Back (Sir Mix-a-lot Cover) 
Brent Runyon  Bring The Noise (Public Enemy Cover) 
The Connells  Insane In The Brain (Cypress Hill Cover) 
The Gourds  Gin And Juice (Snoop Dogg Cover) 
Flash Express  The Message (Grandmaster Flash Cover) 
Guster  Killing In The Name (Live Rage Against The Machine Cover) 
The Kooks  Crazy (Gnarls Barkley Cover) 
Travis Morrison  What's Your Fantasy (Ludacris Cover) 
Supersuckers  Hey Ya (Outkast Cover) 
Bloodhound Gang  It's Tricky (Run DMC Cover) 
Lagwagon  Momma Said Knock You Out (LL Cool J Cover) 
Sevendust  Going Back To Cali (LL Cool J Cover) 
System of a Down  Shame (Wu-Tang Cover) 
Dope  New Jack Hustler (Ice-T Cover) 
Wang Chung  Hot In Herre (Nelly Cover) 
Stereo Total  Push It (Salt N' Pepa Cover) 
Max Raabe  Let's Talk About Sex (Salt 'n Pepa Cover) 
Richard Cheese  Fight for Your Right (Beastie Boys Cover) 
Asylum Street Spankers  Paul Revere (Beastie Boys Cover) 
U Penn. Off The Beat  Gangsta's Paradise (Coolio Cover)