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CD | Theme - Narrative
CD | Mixed Genre

she talks to you in monotone

Side A
Artist Song
uilab [stereolab + ui]  st. elmo's fire 
audio sports  outlaw in wonderland 
adult  hand to phone (cordless remix) 
seefeel  through you 
contagious orgasm  channel 2 
IQU [w/ lexancaulpt]  teenage dream (meek remix) 
huun-huur-tu  khoomei ('throat singing') 
the magnetic fields  tar heel boy 
deng bai ying  shuang shuan yan 
carmen miranda  i yi yi yi yi 
ted leo and the pharmacists  the king of time 
dead teenagers  shop hard at logan circle 
robert crumb and the cheap suit serenaders  pedal your blues away 
cambodian rocks  track 21 
puffy [aka puffy amiyumi]  v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n 
the stars  my radio (FM mix) 
Side B
a silver mt. zion  13 angels standing guard 'round the side of your bed 
thomas brinkmann  track 5 on rosa 
polysics  i'm a worker 
optiganally yours  gepetto 
monoglot  invisible ray 
? / from bollywood funk  chura liya 
ho mei-hong  yu yie (?) 
takashi mizukoshi  TP 
yoko kanno [macross plus soundtrack]  go ri a te 
yoon il-yoh  a moody person's life 
yuji koseki  mothra's song 
motor cycle wars  haulin' ass 
ground zero  a better tomorrow/i say a little prayer [roland kirk version] 


for g.a.b. labs, for whom making mixes feels like a daunting task due to his knowledge of music. some noise, some pop, some gimmicks and tricks. heavy on the asian influence [at least 14 of these tracks, 15 if you cound the bollywood funk track], but yanow, i've come to accept that's just how my mixes end up. further explanation enclosed in package.


Date: 4/15/2001
beautiful, amazing. the inclusion of huun-huur-tu is to be highly commended. i saw them perform in town a couple years ago and it was mesmerizing. and r. crumb?! yowza. this mix is nothing short of inspirational.
g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 4/20/2001
If I could craft words to personify the mix-tape 'o tape that the girl has gifted me,
then I truly would a poet be. Deftly honed and sculpted to the aural standards of gods & muses, this will reach beyond the ears and satisfy the soul. Whether Neo is the "One" or no, the standards of sound set forth here will truly be cause for dance-parties in Zion.
Then, all life forms near the earth's core will the beats & noise reverberate across their vertebrae. [translation: sho vey vey coo']