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CD | Mixed Genre

All I Got Is A Rubber Band

Artist Song
The Persuasions  Good Old Acapella 
The Flying Pickets  Only You 
The Mint Juleps  Higher and Higher 
Longhouse  Heaven 
The Nylons   The Stars Are Ours 
Ladysmith Black Mambazo & The Mint Juleps  The Lion Sleeps Tonight 
Rockapella & True Image  Under The Boardwalk 
The Persuasions  Papa Ooo Mow Mow 
Five O'Clock Shadow  Tomorrow Never Knows 
Petra Hayden  Armenia In The Sky 
Petra Hayden  Heinz Baked Beans 
Spiralmouth  Tomorrow Never Knows 
The Bobs  You Can't Do That 
The Tufts Beelzebubs  I Am The Walrus 
Toxic Audio  All I've Got To Do 
The Bobs  Helter Skelter 
The Bobs  Psycho Killer 
The Bobs  Disco Inferno 
The Nylons  Drift Away 
Fourth Avenue  Midnight Hour 
True Image  I Need You 
The Accidents  Love Me Like A Rock 
Rockapella  Zombie Jamboree 
Todd Rundgren  Mighty Love 
Everyone  Goodnight Sweetheart 


Let me begin by thanking 2old2matter for the copy of "We Still Ain't Got No Band" by the Persuasions. He did a masterful job in transferring vinyl to CD. "Good Old Acapella" (track 1) is from this source.
I also thank Sabrina123 for the basic inspiration to finally "do" an acapella compilation!
Tracks 1-8 a kinda traditional from the doo wop roots (not the barber shop roots)
Tracks 9-18 are acapella cuts of songs that just should not, could not, be done with voices alone; but are, and masterfully so!
The disc ends (tracks 19 to close) with a return to just fine examples of the genre. Enjoy!
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Mr. Mirage
Date: 4/14/2007
Wonderful idea for a mix and neatly executed!Of course, you locked me in at #24, thank you VERY much, one of my favorite elpees ever!
Date: 4/14/2007
lots I don't know here, but I love The Flying Pickets. bet this is a fun listen; it's good to see a new one by the LSB.
anthony lombardi
Date: 4/14/2007
what a fantastic idea for a mix! as soon as i read the theme, i thought to myself "i hope he used one of petra haden's songs from the who sell out" -- &, well, you did. fine job here, would love to hear this...
Date: 4/14/2007
Zombie Jamboree is such a fun A Capella song. I included it in one of my Halloween mixes before. I'm still in the process of assembling my A Capella mix, but you can bet it will include Rockapella! ;)
joey de vivre
Date: 4/14/2007
Cool cover, cleverly crafted playlist, & basically inspired . Stellar acapellar, feller!
Date: 4/15/2007
This looks really, really good.
Mark Petruccelli
Date: 4/15/2007
Ah, there they are ... Love the Bobs, saw thwm do #16 in about '87 opening for Robin Williams. This is just killer.
Date: 4/15/2007
Happy to be of service, Mr. Spencer. And how great it turned out! Can't help but love the voices.
Date: 4/15/2007
Great to see a mix from you Mr Spencer.. It's Been A While. This is one of your finest ( and I'd love to hear it hint hint! ). Great cover also :)
Mike Eternity
Date: 4/17/2007
A-cappella: the most under-represented of all genres. The Bobs are fantastic, and that Yaz cover by Flying Pickets is one of my all-time fave a-cappellas. Just too bad there isn't a download link...
Date: 4/19/2007
A Capella rules. There is absolutely no bones about it. For more fun, trying The Buffalo Chips' version of Cake's "Never There".
Date: 5/3/2007
Just got the mix in the mail and it's wonderful! I know this will be one of the CDs I will listen to over and over again.
Date: 7/31/2008
Any chance for a trade?