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The First Sunburn Of The Season

Artist Song
Rolling Stones  Beast of Burden 
The Cribs  I'm Alright Me 
Stereo Total  Forever Sixteen 
Q65  Feel Her Still 
Ratatat/Missy Elliott  I'm Really Hot 
Mazzy Star  Halah 
The Savoy  Low Down 
Kings Of Leon  Camaro 
Johnny Thunders  Downtown 
Bikini Kill  Strawberry Julius 
Justin Timberlake/DFA  My Love 
The Clash  Garageland 
Lemon Drops  I Live In The Springtime 
The Kinks  Johnny Thunder 
Pink Floyd  See Emily Play 
Fire Engines  Jacqueline 
Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers  Give Paris One More Chance 
Jacques Dutronc  L'Arsene 
Mark Wirtz Orchestra & Chorus  I Can Hear Music 
The Sonics  Maintaining My Cool 


Go get yours!
This is what I've been listening to for spending time outdoors and sun worshipping, which finally weather permits...this week.