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TALKING HEADS - Let's Work (Rarities)

Side A
Artist Song
Talking Heads  Psycho Killer (Take 1) 
Talking Heads  Stay Hungry (1977 Version) 
Talking Heads  I Feel It In My Heart 
Talking Heads  Uh-Oh, Love Comes To Town (Alternate Version) 
Talking Heads  New Feeling (Alternate Version) 
Talking Heads  First Week/Last Week.... Carefree (Acoustic Version) 
Talking Heads  Psycho Killer (Acoustic) 
Talking Heads  A Clean Break (Let's Work) (Live at CBGB's, 10-10-77) 
Talking Heads  Thank You For Sending Me An Angel (Alternate Version) 
Talking Heads  Warning Sign (Alternate Version) 
Talking Heads  Artists Only (Alternate Version) 
Talking Heads  I'm Not In Love (Alternate Version) 
Talking Heads  The Big Country (Alternate Version) 
Talking Heads  Thank You For Sending Me An Angel (Country Angel Version) 
Talking Heads  Electricity (Instrumental) 
Talking Heads  Dancing For Money (Unfinished Outtake) 
Talking Heads  Mind (Alternate Version) 
Talking Heads  Cities (Alternate Version) 
Talking Heads  Life During Wartime (Alternate Version) 
Talking Heads  Drugs (Alternate Version) 
Side B
Talking Heads  I Zimbra (12" Version) 
Talking Heads  Fela's Riff (Unfinished Outtake) 
Talking Heads  Unison (Unfinished Outtake) 
Talking Heads  Double Groove (Unfinished Outtake) 
Talking Heads  Right Start (Unfinished Outtake) 
Talking Heads  Crosseyed And Painless (Alternate Version) 
Talking Heads  Two Note Swivel (Unfinished Outtake) 
Talking Heads  The Lady Don't Mind (Moog March Version) 
Talking Heads  Burning Down The House (Alternate Version) 
Talking Heads  Cities (Live) 
Talking Heads  Big Business/I Zimbra (Live) 
Talking Heads  And She Was (Alternate Version) 
Talking Heads  Road To Nowhere (Alternate Version) 
Talking Heads  Television Man (Extended Mix) 
Talking Heads  In Asking Land 


2 CDs. A few months back, I decided to compile a (fairly) definitive set of Talking Heads rarities, grouping together just about every rare track from the "Once In A Lifetime" box set, the "Brick" box of expanded remasters and the iTunes-only "Bonus Rarities & Outtakes" collection, as well as outtakes from "Brick" that circulated on the web. As a bonus, I included the two outtakes from "Stop Making Sense," pulled straight from the DVD. The only things not included here are the couple of David Byrne acoustic busks (since they aren't really songs) and the actors' versions of songs from "True Stories" that have been released. I didn't include the obscure tracks from "Sand In The Vaseline," as they've all been released a few times by now...although I suppose I could have. By the way, I don't physically own any of the remasters and will not buy them as long as they are on DualDisc. (I may buy the imports when money allows, as they wisely put the sides onto seperate discs.)
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Rob Conroy
Date: 5/24/2007
I can attest to the greatness of this.
anthony lombardi
Date: 5/24/2007
i'm with you on dualdiscs -- i can't stand 'em. as much as i love the talking heads, i don't have a hold of many of their rarities, so this may well be a revelation for me -- i would love to hear it...
Date: 5/24/2007
Color me impressed; nice, albeit eclectic mix of Talking Heads stuff.
Little Spencer Boys
Date: 5/25/2007
this is a keeper!!!
Pop Kulcher
Date: 5/25/2007
I understand people's hang-up with DualDiscs (though I haven't personally encountered any problems with them)... but, damn, the remasters (particularly Fear of Music and Remain in Light are pretty awe-inspiring, even for non-audiophiles.
Pop, I agree. But for me, the remaster that really shone was "More Songs..."