on the streets with the beats and all the girls hanging out!

Artist Song
henry's dress  sunshine proves all wrongness 
bunnygrunt  party boy 
holly golightly  box elder 
palomar  washington 
all girl summer fun band  grizzly bear 
tuscadero  nancy drew 
the bartlebees  miracles are hard to find 
the shot heard 'round the world  news for the fox 
the clean  tally ho 
casiotone for the painfully alone  it wasn't the same somehow 
of montreal  the miniature philosopher 
built to spill  strange 
tullycraft  secretly minnesotan 
the haywains  kill karaoke 
cars can be blue  i like 
kimya dawson  lullaby for the taken 
the raveonettes  the heavens 
half-japanese  secret 
mark mulcahy  cookie jar 
aloha  weekend 
rocky votolato  alabaster 
the aisler's set  catherine says 
the bright lights  chuck's song 
the rondelles  drag strip race 
boyracer  where to place your trust? 
the oranges band  one parts 
owen   good deeds 


i made this for fellow AOTMer Patrick C. Taylor at some point last year and fully intended to get it to him then, but life gets in the way sometimes. i'm moving halfway across the country soon and was packing some stuff a while ago and found this mix so he finally has it and i can post the tracklist to it. i don't know, man, i feel like i am so bad at making mixes now because i am so unreceptive to new(er) music; i'm still stuck on stuff that was released ten or fifteen years ago and i can't get over how amazing it all is, sometimes i feel like i just need to catch up but i'll never have the time or the money to buy all of the amazing music that exists. i am doing the best that i can. the title comes from the tullycraft song.


Date: 5/24/2007
so much excellent indie pop! i love it!
Date: 5/24/2007
tweeeee! amazing. and some aloha. for that you have my heart.
Little Spencer Boys
Date: 5/24/2007
we all get stuck somewhere sometimes... nice genre work...
Date: 5/25/2007
I really really dig this. Love your title track as well as 2,5,9,11,16,18,21,22,25,26, and 27. Keep on being "bad" at making mixes.
Date: 5/25/2007
I understand what you mean by stuck on stuff from a certain era ( I have been stuck in the '60s) but by doing that you miss an incredible amount of other music. This same applies to different genres. "Make new friends but keep the old, One is silver and the other is gold".
Date: 5/25/2007
Indie Rock, indeed. Examplary compilation, here.
Hey, why does your mix for me get so many more comments than my mix for you?!Loved the mix, the girl block of songs at first, then the boys' block, then the more eclectic stuff at the end. You managed to hit on a bunch of bands/musicians that I've meant to check out.And I love that "Box Elder" cover! One of my favorite Pavement songs.
Date: 5/25/2007
Sorry Patrick, but I guess ash is a little more popular ;) Great mix! I've made a couple mixes for Mr. Taylor myself, but this is out of my league.