small miracles invade my head

Side A
Artist Song
Dropkick Murphys  Do Or Die 
Reggie and the Full Effect  Girl Why'd You Run Away? 
Painted Thin  Piece by Piece 
The Weakerthans  This is a fire door never leave open 
Moneen  No better way to show your love than a set of broken legs 
Moneen  Why bother wondering when wondering's all you got? 
New Amsterdams  Proceed With Caution 
Piebald  Rock Revolution 
Sixty Stories  Sheila 
Plumtree  Was That All? 
Jejune  Greyscale 
Atom and his Package  Avenger 
Ten Foot Pole  ADD 
Dayglo Abortions  Proud to be A Canadian 
Side B
Less Than Jake  We Go Together (Grease) 
Get Up Kids  Close To Me (The Cure) 
The Clash  I Fought The Law 
Sarge  Fast Girls 
Luckie Strike  Sky Will Fall 
J Church  Smell It Rot 
Alkaline Trio  Crawl 
Choke  Not The Answer 
Anti-Flag  Davey Destroyed the Punk Scene 
I Spy  Shamus' Nuts 
Propagandhi  Refusing to be a Man 
Team Dresch  She's Amazing 
Bikini Kill  R.I.P. 
The Butchies  Heartfelt 
Promise Ring  The Deep South 
The Bonaduces  The Songs We Knew Best 
The Ataris  The Radio Still Sucks 


Title from Plumtree's song. I made this mix quite a while ago to send to someone from Livejournal who lives in the UK (into emo, punk, etc). The problem? I couldn't find a title that suited it until today, and I was reluctant to post it because it has many songs from other mixes I've made. Now I'm to the point where I think - so what? This mix has lived in my walkman and stereo for WEEKS now and I *heart* it. Maybe someone else will too. I'm willing to make copies of this for trade. I will trade for almost any genre or for blanks, even. You people need to know about kickass bands like Moneen, Sixty Stories, Choke, I Spy, Plumtree, Dayglo Abortions... It makes me sad to see only one or two people putting these bands on their mixes. Of course I've also included the requisite bands that many people here like (including myself). Like one song? Check out the others! Ok ok... enough ranting *grin* ps - this is not purely emo/indie rock, and not purely punk, but I didn't feel like putting down mixed genre. Humph.