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Rough and Dirty Delta Blues

Side A
Artist Song
Mississippi Fred McDowell  61 Highway 
Robert Johnson  Cross Road Blues 
Robert Nighthawk  Someday 
Sunnyland Slim  She Ain't Nowhere 
Johnny "Shoeshine" Shines  30 Days In Jail 
Sonny Boy Williamson II  Trust Me Baby 
"Blind" Joe Reynolds  Ninety Nine Blues 
Howlin' Wolf  You'll Be Mine 
Dr. Ross  Decoration Day 
Muddy Waters  I Be's Troubled 
Big Joe Williams  Please Don't Go 
Bukka White  Good Gin Blues 
Elmore James  Can't Stop Loving My Baby 
Earl Hooker  Frog Hop 
Howlin' Wolf  All Night Boogie 
Hound Dog Taylor  Sitting Home Alone 
Skip James  Be Ready When He Comes 
T-Model Ford  Sail On 
R.L. Burnside  Goin' Down South 
Son House  Death Letter 
Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup  Crudup's After Hours 
Charley Patton  34 Blues 
Muddy Waters  They Call Me Muddy Waters 
[bonus] Nas ft. Olu Dara  Bridging The Gap 
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Side B
Johnny "Shoeshine" Shines  Death Hearse Blues (Alt.) 
Bukka White  Parchman Farm Blues 
"22" with axe group  It Makes A Long Time Man Feel Bad 
Son House  Downhearted Blues 
John Lee Hooker  Crawlin' King Snake 
Mississippi Fred McDowell  I Wish I Was In Heaven Sittin' Down 
Robert Johnson  Stop Breakin' Down Blues 
Skip James  Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues 
Tommy Johnson  Canned Heat Blues 
Big Joe Williams  Highway 49 
Charley Patton  Down The Dirt Road Blues 
Sonny Boy Williamson II  Your Funeral And My Trial 
R.L. Burnside  Rolling And Tumbling 
Robert Belfour  Black Mattie 
Junior Kimbrough  Do The Romp 
Mississippi John Hurt  Wise And Foolish Virgins (Tender Virgins) 
Johnny "Shoeshine" Shines  Down In Spirit 
Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup  I Don't Know It 
Muddy Waters  I Can't Be Satisfied 
Howlin' Wolf  Sittin' On Top Of The World 
Big Jack Johnson  Driving Wheel 
Robert Nighthawk  Black Angel Blues (Sweet Black Angel) 
John Lee Hooker  Stomp Boogie 
Chris Thomas King with James Cotton  Come On In My Kitchen 
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The Mississippi Delta was the Cradle of Life for the blues. After the Civil War, many freed slaves became sharecroppers, living in miserable shacks and working the cotton fields for a pittance, with half their production or more going to the landowners. Jim Crow laws made it easy for blacks to be arrested for the slightest infraction of the 'law', and in the Delta those convicts were sent to Parchman Farm where they were often worked to death in the prison's fields in an institutionalized form of slavery. This was the reality of life in the south at the time, and it was in the fields and prisons that the blues began.

Yet the sharecroppers had one important thing - hope. They were free, and sharecropping meant they could move on, going from farm to farm, working North. In the Delta, Highway 61 represented this hope: Highway 61 led to Memphis, and Memphis led to Chicago. And it was this path that the blues followed, spreading out and influencing ALL music. The blues is where it all began, from rock to rap. And Delta blues was the start.

Placing Delta blues as a style is dificult. The original players were invariably acoustic, sometimes guitar, sometimes harmonica. But what separates Delta blues from hill country blues? I certainly don't know. Many Delta bluesmen migrated to Chicago and Detroit. Performers like Bukka White and Muddy Waters started in the Delta and later defined the Chicago sound. So where to draw the line... if it exists at all? But this mix isn't a history lesson, even though I've represented its history quite thoroughly here, from the late Twenties to today. Some purists might scoff at my selections. But this IS Delta blues to me. And it's rough and dirty, and absolutely my favorite style of music. Listen to Delta blues, and you'll hear the seeds of modern music.
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Date: 5/7/2008
I think we will nominate you as an honourary gutbucket brother.I Can't Be Satisfied is near the top of the tops for me in any genre.
Funky Ratchet
Date: 5/7/2008
I'll second the nomination."Parchman Farm Blues" and "Your Funeral..." are two big favorites that jump out at me, but this is just stellar from beginning to end.
Rebel Princess
Date: 5/7/2008
More of the music I know way too little of. Note to self, download more. Looks amazing.
Date: 5/7/2008
Great stuff!
Texas Hobart
Date: 5/7/2008
This looks awesome!
Date: 5/7/2008
With a line up as good as this you can be an honourary Gangster of Love also. Terrific mix, Gabe - listening to Disc One now..
The Misfit
Date: 5/7/2008
anthony lombardi
Date: 5/7/2008
i can't claim to be workin' to death in a prison, but i can sure get in touch with the blooze right about now - this looks fantastic
Rob Conroy
Date: 5/8/2008
This is an amazing blues mix. Really. I'm downloading now.
joey de vivre
Date: 5/8/2008
You're really rocking the cradle of the blues here. A rich treasury of some of the strongest music known . .
Mark Petruccelli
Date: 5/8/2008
Love this shit. Charley Patton to RL Burnside, coverin alot of Blue ground here.
Date: 5/8/2008
Thing is, it isn't very far from Charley Patton to RL, if you disregard Burnside's later, more popular stuff done in conjunction with Jon Spencer and the like. And a lot of material on Come On In and A Bothered Mind was remixed and added to. In truth, RL's solo material is VERY rooted in hill country and Delta blues.
Date: 5/9/2008
Rough and dirty blues. Nice. Loved the mix.
Date: 5/9/2008
This sure looks fine to me. Can't go wrong with the likes of Charley Patton and Mississippi John Hurt. Thanks for the download, I look forward to filling some gaps in my knowledge.