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The Last Man III

Artist Song
Andrew Bird  Imitosis  
Modest Mouse  We've Got Everything 
Radiohead  There There (The Boney King of Nowhere) 
Fields  Schoolbooks 
The Mountain Goats  Game Shows Touch Our Lives 
Chris Thile  Stay Away 
Stone Temple Pilots  Big Empty 
Ted Leo  The High Party (solo) 
Modest Mouse  A Different City 
The Original Brothers and Sisters of Love  Dead Radios 
Lake Trout  Systematic Self 
The Dears  Warm and Sunny Days 
Belle and Sebastian  If You're Feeling Sinister 
Pearl Jam  Soon Forget (live Detroit) 
Pearl Jam  Baba O'Riley (live Detroit) 
Colin Meloy  On the Bus Mall (live) 
Brian Vander Ark  1229 Sheffield (live Hillsdale) 
The Eagles  Hotel California (live) 


"Please, Tom-"

"No. I'm busy."

"Tom, he's acting creepy, I don't-"

"That's what you said about the last two guys, Kat. I'm tired of getting egg on my face."

"Tom, this is serious! I-"

"How many times am I supposed to care about you crying wolf? Three? Four? Seven?"


"Get out of here. I have a paper to finish."

She leaves with those fake tears brimming in her eyes. Damn, the time of mine she wasted, even after the cheating... all that time investigating her stupid fears. Always she insisted on some malevolent force threatening her, something she could never define or point out... "It's there in the gaps," she'd say. Think it might be guilt that's hiding under the attention whore's bed?

Paper's already done. The prof wanted to know how Nietzsche's Zarathustra could come to an understanding of morality without the aid of a god. Can't, of course, but that's not what the professor wants to see. Won't get a passing grade for a one-line dismissal of fairy tales. So I'll parrot back some arbitrary value system.

Heh. There's Carrie with her well-amplified theory. And she comes so close! Yes, you can't step into the same pair of shoes twice, but the big secret is this: you can't even step into the same pair once! We've all got our own theories on what's right and what's wrong, and we could only ever come close to confidence through subjective experience, but then... such divergent results! We acknowledge differing moralities but then cover them up with nonsense like dogmatism or consensus or - Carrie's favorite - everybody's right in their own way. Nah, kid, nah... everyone's wrong in their own way. We're ALL accidents just waiting to happen.

Nothing's ever solid. The sun rose on the side opposite this window for the last four thousand years - heh - but that's no guarantee it'll do so tomorrow. This, too, shall pass.

The only sensible path in such a maze is to avoid debt. Don't wrong. Don't take chances when it could wrong. My sole choice of moral law is the law with the best chance of balancing out: the Silver Rule. Do not do unto others as you'd not have done unto you.

It's the only safe way, the only way to avoid the discomforts of mistake and embarassment. It's the most decent way to treat other mediocre gods as well: let them make their own mistakes. Let them waste their paychecks on scratchoffs. Avoid imposition and your only debt will be to an unresponsive god.

Gods, I can hear her braying laughter through the window! Guess she wasn't that frightened after all. Guess the wolf appears for her in a clown suit. Does this latch still work... ah, that's better.

Let everyone deal with their scary gaps on their own terms. Let those invisible deadly forces shine where they will. Impositions could help... or they could end in suspicious boating accidents.

I'll take comfort in not taking the chance.


Date: 6/6/2008
Hmmm. I dig your concept, definitely.
Date: 6/6/2008
That 13-16 run looks interesting.<3 Sara
Date: 6/6/2008
And the soap opera continues to unfold. Nice one.
Date: 6/6/2008
very nice in concept and in execution
avocado rabbit
Date: 6/12/2008
I can't fathom Andrew Bird, but then I feel similarly about Nietzsche. Nevertheless, the mix is great.