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The Black Winds

Artist Song
Scott Tuma
U.S. - Chicago, Illinois 
Hard Again [2001]  
Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots
U.S. - Denver, Colorado 
Amen Corner
Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots [2004] 
Murder By Death
U.S. - Bloomington, Indiana 
Coming Home
Red of Tooth and Claw [2008] 
Slim Cessna's Auto Club
U.S. - Denver, Colorado 
Cold Cold Eyes
Always Say Please and Thank You [2000] 
U.S. - Chicago, Illinois 
Bottles and Bones (Shade and Sympathy)
Roomsound [2001] 
U.S. - San Diego, California 
Bells Aloud
First Light's Freeze [2005] 
Norway - Stavanger 
The Black Winds
The Ballad Of Nora Lee [2005] 
Reverend Glasseye and His Wooden Legs
U.S. - Boston, Massachussets 
17 Lashes
Our Lady of the Broken Spine [2005] 
Elliott Brood
Canada - Windsor, Ontario 
Acer Negundo
Ambassador [2005] 
Old Time Relijun
U.S. - Olympia, Washington 
Veleno Mortale
Catharsis In Crisis [2007] 
Scott H. Biram
U.S. - Austin, Texas 
No Way
Graveyard Shift [2006] 
The Pine Valley Cosmonauts
U.S. - Chicago, Illinois 
The Hangman's Song - Puerto Muerto
The Executioner's Last Songs, Vol. I [2002] 
The Sadies
Canada - Toronto, Ontario 
Friendly Devil
Pure Diamond Gold [1999] 
Woven Hand
U.S. - Denver, Colorado (Sixteen Horsepower) 
Wooden Brother
Woven Hand [2003] 
Jonny Greenwood
U.K. - Oxford, Oxfordshire, England 
Proven Lands
There Will Be Blood O.S.T. [2008] 
U.S. - Brooklyn, New York 
Traffic Sound
Scavengers [2001] 
Tom Waits
U.S. - Pomona, California 
Jockey Full Of Bourbon
Rain Dogs [1985] 
Chris Cotton
U.S. - California 
Dying Crapshooter Blues
I Watched The Devil Die [2005] 
Blind Willie McTell
U.S. - Thomson, Georgia 
God Don't Like It
Statesboro Blues [1930] 
The Be Good Tanyas
Canada - Vancouver, British Columbia 
Waiting Around To Die
Chinatown [2003] 
Jim White
U.S. - Pensacola, Florida 
Still Waters
Wrong-Eyed Jesus (Mysterious Tale of How I Shouted) [1997] 


Make Me No GraveMake me no grave within that quiet placeWhere friends shall sadly view the grassy mound,Politely solemn for a little space,As though the spirit slept beneath the ground.For me no sorrow, nor the hopeless tear;No chant, no prayer, no tender eulogy:I may be laughing with the gods--while hereYou weep alone. Then make no grave for meBut lay me where the pines, austere and tall,Sing in the wind that sweeps across the West:Where night, imperious, sets her coronal
Of silver stars upon the mountain crest.Where dawn, rejoicing, rises from the deep,And Life, rejoicing, rises with the dawn:Mark not the spot upon the sunny steep,For with the morning light I shall be gone.Far trails await me; valleys vast and still,Vistas undreamed of, canyon-guarded streams,Lowland and range, fair meadow, flower-girt hill,Forests enchanted, filled with magic dreams.And I shall find brave comrades on the way:None shall be lonely in adventuring,
For each a chosen task to round the day,New glories to amaze, new songs to sing.Loud swells the wind along the mountain-side,High burns the sun, unfettered swings the sea,Clear gleam the trails whereon the vanished ride, Life calls to life: then make no grave for me!------------------------------------------------------A continuation of the quasi-western-that-never-was-and-never-will-be-tradition of previous mixes: Menace - Part VII: All Aboard The Hell-bound Train, The Good, The Bad and The Even Worse and Espuelas de Oro.
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anthony lombardi
Date: 6/28/2008
this looks phenomenal, sir - 15, 17 & 19 are most familiar to me, though it's dotted with lots of great picks & some unbeknownst to me - can't wait to listen
Rebel Princess
Date: 6/28/2008
I don't know a single song here (no, not even the Tom Waits) but the first thought that hit me while reading the tracklist was "I'm gonna love this". So I'm off to find out if I was wright. Great job.
Date: 6/28/2008
I can add 5 & 21 to Anthonys selections. I remeber Menace VII vividly - one of my fave mixes, period. I'm sure this is another cracker. And the artwork? Wow!
sport !
Date: 6/28/2008
I agree with Sammy here; nice mix AND artwork...!
avocado rabbit
Date: 6/28/2008
Lots of great tracks - Sadies, Jim White, Be Good Tanyas - but the whole of the mix is what really sparkles. Great old poem, scintillating artwork and, of course, the songs.
Date: 6/28/2008
Liking lots of this... Murder By Death, Califone, Castanets, Sadies, Tom Waits, Be Good Tanyas, Jim White, etc. Looking forward to checking out the rest.
Date: 6/29/2008
Eloquent and moving. Appreciate your listing the home cities/states/shires/provinces for each artist.
Funky Ratchet
Date: 6/30/2008
This is straight-up phenomenal.
Date: 6/30/2008
Helldorado, great name. Another fascinating mix.
Date: 7/1/2008
Even if this mix sucked (and it certainly doesn't), I'd still have to commend you for the fine artwork, as well as the research. Castanets? San Diego? Must investigate.
Date: 7/1/2008
put the needle down on this at work yesterday. woeful, brooding and bleak - loved it, of course. favorites are the tune that ended at the 32:00 mark [Elliott Brood?] and the one playing at 35:37 [Old Time Relijun?]. that Waits song is an old favorite, and loved the cool instrumental track [Jonny Greenwood?] and really dug the Blind Willie McTell number too.
Date: 7/3/2008
1st half of this mix everything was new and strange and then suddenly the pine valley cosmonauts, the sadies,tom waits, blind willie mctell, the be good tanyas, and jim white. downloading and anxious. thanks!
DJ Karen Adams
Date: 7/5/2008
This, like the others, leaves me breathless!!!
Date: 7/7/2008
Gnome, you're why I keep returning to this site.
Date: 2/9/2009
hey music gnome! i'm back on here. are you still posting music? it's been hard to post mixes on here lately but i think it's back to normal