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CD | Theme - Narrative
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Errant Dawn

Artist Song
Regina Spektor  Carbon Monoxide 
Ted Leo  Ex-Factor (Lauryn Hill cover) 
The Decemberists  Cocoon 
Yo La Tengo  My Little Corner of the World 
John Vanderslice  Farewell Transmission 
Modest Mouse  The World at Large 
Animal Collective  Panic 


Hours later, he got bored with playing spider solitaire and browsing his mp3 folder. He left the computer running and fell on his bed. He noted how late he must have stayed up as he closed his eyes, how the window that looked out onto Bainbridge Island - and not far beyond, Olympic National Park and the Pacific Ocean - illuminated his half-empty Bushmills pint with the first flickering rays of a reddish dawn. He thought of mentioning this rare beauty to his fellow skeptics, of admitting it as one just admiration that even he could hold as infallible dogm-

Dawn? From that window?

Thoughts of calm interest vanished as he reached the window. "Oh," he whispered, "that's not the sun."


Date: 7/8/2008
I see and like where you're going with this.
avocado rabbit
Date: 7/12/2008
Hadn't heard the Ted Leo cover but I love the original. So, if not dawn, then what?