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Funk-N NYC

Artist Song
Freakazoid  Midnight Star 
Jam On It  Newcleus 
Hangin' On A String  Loose Nds 
Thighs High  Tom Browne 
Feels So Real  Patrice Rushen 
I'll Be Good  Renee & Angela 
Murphy's Law  Cheri 
Don't You Be Ashamed To Call My Name  Bohannon 
Get Tough  Kleeer 
Lovelite  O'Bryan 
Double Dutch Bus  Frankie Smith 
Say I'm Your Number One  Princess 
Say Say Say (You Get The Best From Me)  Alicia Myers 
Hey D.J.  World's Famous Supreme Team 
Come Into My LIfe  Joyce Sims 
Freeway of Love  Aretha Franklin  


I never stray far from the beats of R&B as this mix demonstrates. It captures my funky favorites from the early and mid-80s - a period when I was lucky to visit my brother Mike who lived in New York City. We shared an artistic bent and a love for music on the soulful side. He lived in the East Village and had great connections. The trips were always filled with breathless fun - a huge contrast from my life in Nebraska. While there in the summer of 1985, I became
entranced with a new song just breaking - Hangin' On A String by Loose Nds. It became the impetus for this mix of beats that will always move me.

Overlaid on the graphic of the vinyl LP (still prime delivery method for music in that day) are images from that trip: me overly tanned and overdressed in a red tuxedo jacket before a night out at Limelight and Area nightclubs, street dancers by art darling Keith Haring plus the mega-celebrity of the day, Andy Warhol, who I actually got to meet. Well, I was impressed - but he just gave me a smirk.

Click Aretha to download a 76 MB folder with all tracks.

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Date: 8/24/2008
Great image. And a fantastic mix. Love this stuff. Especially Tom Browne & Ms Sims..
Date: 8/25/2008
Yes, back when Keith Haring was still alive and break dancing was so hip. It all seems so innocent in retrospect. Funky mixing, indeed.
Date: 8/27/2008
Props on Bohannon.
Mixtape Gio
Date: 12/31/2008
steve, thanks for the comments on the 'false'tapes and the props on the funkmix. if you want to be informed about new tapes, get back to me at so i can hook you up on the mailinglist...

Uncle Orca123
Date: 1/12/2010
Hey Steve, It's been awhile but I'm back.. I still listen to your trade mixes from years ago.. How bout another trade?