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CD | Theme - Road Trip

A Scavenging We Will Go

Artist Song
Orange Juice  Blue Boy 
Said Liquidator  Surre*dering ( To This Impact ) 
Brigitte And The Firestrings  Waarom Vertrouw Je Mij Niet Meer 
Scarlet's Well  Willy Whispers 
Tea   An Apology 
Liberty Thieves  You Don't Just Talk 
Carrots  I Tried To Call You 
63 Trees  Darkness 
Felt  Primitive Painters 
Ride  Dreams Burn Down 
Game  Gonna Get Me Someone 
Tiberius' Minnows  Time Flies 
Big Boy Pete  Sheer Lunacy 
Johnny Dangerously  Junk Culture 
Ramones  Swallow My Pride 
Stricken City  Tak O Tak 
Caravelles  Tonight You Belong To Me 
Palisades  The Old Poet 
Soft Boys  Underwater Moonlight 
Kitchens Of Distinction  Mainly Mornings 
Sea-Ders  Thanks A Lot 
McCarthy  This Nelson Rockefeller 


A mix made to accompany us as we drove around the murky suburbs of South London rummaging around thrift shops looking for rare vinyl. Our most interesting find was Elliott Smith's XO on vinyl.


Date: 9/1/2008
Sounds like a chapter from High Fidelity. Happy hunting!
anthony lombardi
Date: 9/1/2008
lots to like here, lots to discover - great company indeed