i live low enough so the moon won't waste its light on me

Artist Song
tim hardin  "black sheep boy" 
nina nastasia  "i've been out walking" 
damien jurado  "last rights" 
jason molina  "get out get out get out" 
nick lowe  "the beast in me" 
glen hansard & markTta irglovß  "leave" 
elliott smith  "new disaster" 
laura marling  "ghosts" 
christine fellows  "vertebrae" 
bon iver  "blindsided" 
the microphones  "antlers" 
nick cave & the bad seeds  "hallelujah" 
neil young  "borrowed tune" 
okkervil river  "a stone" 
neko case & her boyfrie nds  "porchlight" 
emily haines & the soft skeleton  "reading in bed" 
frida hyv÷nen  "N.Y." 
rufus wainwright  "dinner at eight" 
leonard cohen  "famous blue raincoat" 
john cale  "antarctica starts here" 


hmm, well with cliff, alex & derek - among others - slowly making their way back to the site, i guess i'll follow up. i really, really hope the site gets back to perfect health sometime soon, & the interaction through comments on our past mixes are somehow restored...

heart-stoppingly, chest-crushingly, slow-as-molasses, crawlingly sad songs for winter & the opportunity it provides to stay in bed & sulk. partly for me, to keep me sane, & partly for my frie nd irene, because i owe her a mix & made it with her in mind. it's not quite time for moonlight on snow & sub-zero temperatures outside just yet, but it always is in my head. title from the pen of mr. molina.

you can listen to it here, sans the space: http://www.se ndspace.com/file/mo68tg


Date: 10/9/2008
Borrowed Tune is one of my favorite Neil tunes and I'm sure fits in
perfectly on this, thanks for the okkervil river and I am really happy to see you again. Listening yesterday, I really liked the Microphones track and the glen hansard & markTta irglovß, besides the artists you know I already love.
Rebel Princess
Date: 10/9/2008
Ooh, just my cup of tea, I believe. Speaking of which, tea would probably fit quite well in with listening to this...
Funky Ratchet
Date: 10/9/2008
My favorite Leonard Cohen song, and like the Elliott Smith, Neil, and Neko. Been digging the Microphones/Mt. Eerie lately too. This looks excellent, Anthony...
French Connection
Date: 10/9/2008
You'd won me over by the time I saw the first track. Nice one Anthony. Makes me think a snowfall wouldn't be a bad thing. Man what a hard time I had getting the site to accept my vocabulary!
Date: 10/10/2008
beautiful stuff here, anthony. especially liked the Damien Jurado and Microphones tracks. remind me to tell you about the time I rented videos to Damien Jurado at the store where I worked. well, that's actually the whole story. consider yourself told. hope the sun comes out soon in that snowy head of yours.
Date: 10/10/2008
Welcome home.
Glad to see Neko in the mix.
Date: 10/12/2008
Elegant title, classy playlist. Glad you're back on the site.
Date: 10/12/2008
funny how the winter has such an effect on us that we crave songs like this. i'm on my way to downloading and i'm sure i'll enjoy it.
Date: 10/13/2008
Wow! I just wanna leave work, go home, crawl in bed with my favorite pillow, listen to this mix and daydream of infinite possibilities..... :D Amazing!
p the swede
Date: 10/13/2008

and there's a new Frida Hyv÷nen album out next week or so
Date: 10/14/2008
A wonderful collection here from top to bottom.
Rob Conroy
Date: 10/19/2008
Gorgeous. Lovely o pener and Neil pick, and your penultimate track is one of my twenty favorite songs of all-time. Re: the closer, apparently great minds (again) think alike (look near the conclusion of my latest mixed-genre mix). *grin*
bufo alvarius
Date: 10/21/2008
OK, dude. Now that I figured out how I could comment on here again, I just wanted to come back here and say how much I fucking LOVE this mix. Easily, one of my favorites from you. That Jason Molina song tears me apart every time I hear it. The Nick Cave->Neil Young->Okkervil->Neko stretch is simply amazing, man.