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christmas tunes for the interminably cool

Artist Song
louis armstrong & the commanders  'zat you, santa claus? (the heavy remix) 
weezer   hark! the herald angels sing 
kt tunstall  sleigh ride 
bruce & e-street band  merry christmas baby (live) 
atom & his package  what we do on christmas 
shout out louds  december 
the apples in stereo  holiday mood 
vince guaraldi trio  my little drum 
the raveonettes  christmas in cleveland 
arcade fire  neon bible 
bright eyes  if winter e.nds 
tom waits  chocolate jesus 
jeff buckley   hallelujah 
regina spektor  my dear acquaintance (a happy new year) 
figurine  the holidays behind us 


A hostess gift for my favorite frien.d here in Cabo, the inimitably well-heeled and musically-clued in, Denise. She had us all over for Christmas, and I wanted to give her a Christmas mix with a ble.nd of old stuff (Cha.rlie Brown sdtrck, Atom's riff on Jews on Xmas, etc) and new holiday 08 tunes (KT, Weezer, Figurine, Apples, Raveonettes) and things a bit more specific (Shout Out Louds because it's darn warm here in December, Bright Eyes because we both used to be Conor Oberst geeks, Waits and Arcade Fire because Denise used to be in a Christian cult... no, really), Regina and Bruce because they rule, etc.

The theme was Christmas. Christmas for people with great taste in music. I even had liner notes. I'm a dork!


Date: 12/29/2008
and the regina track is supposed to be "my dear acquaintance (a happy new year)" but aotm won't display that either. hmph. hope they fix these bugs.
Date: 12/31/2008
Ah, you answered my question. The answer to your question is that AotM has been the victim of various attacks which use certain words to infect us with spyware, so it really is for our own good. This does look like fun.