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Sweetness & Light / Darkness & Shadow

Artist Song
Lush  Sweetness And Light 
Laura Veirs  July Flame 
Laura Veirs  Life Is Good Blues 
Laura Veirs  Little Deschutes 
Laura Veirs  Make Somthing Good 
Massive Attack  Protection 
Spoon  Got Nuffin 
Gossip  Love Long Distance 
Adiam Dymott  Miss You 
Summer Cats  Maybe Pile 
The 6ths  All Dressed Up In Dreams 
Magnetic Fields  I Don't Want To Get Over You 
Cadallaca  Winter Storm '98 
Mumford & Sons  White Blank Page 
Sebadoh  Think (Let Tomorrow Bee) 
Margot & The Nuclear So And So's  Cold, Kind, And Lemon Eyes 
Beat Happening  Fourteen 
The National  Brainy 
Tuscadero  Mutiny 
Kate Nash  Merry Happy 


Ripped from the heartlines like some variety of romantical Law & Order it's another mix inspired by a girl. Things started well, but they ended...

Well, it just would have been nice to have been told that it'd ended.

I'm somewhat violating mix making convention no. 37 with the four song Laura Veirs suite, but I'd had that album in heavy rotation at the time and it felt like it was directly speaking to my situation. There's maybe seven tracks worth of naive sweetness here, and then lo darkness falls.

Of course I've been sitting on the completed tracklisting for an average number of months (waiting for my lazy butt to be arsed to whip down some artwork to go with it), so we're not exactly talking fresh sentiments here. But sometimes Manager's Special sentiments can be a tasty value proposition none the less.
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