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Artist Song
The Capris  There's A Moon Out Tonight 
Iggy Pop  Tonight 
Real Life  Send Me An Angel '89 
Mindless Self Indulgence  Never Wanted To Dance (Spider Mix) 
Depeche Mode  Now This Is Fun 
Goldfrapp  Koko 
The Pierces  Lights On 
Primal Scream  A Scanner Darkly 
David Bowie  Always Crashing In The Same Car 
The Cars  A Dream Away 
Ex-Girl  Sasuke 
The Dave Clark Five  Nineteen Days 


Inspired by tonight's full moon and total eclipse (hidden from my view because I live in North America).

In 19 days the earth will be at its aphelion (furthest point from the sun), hence the Dave Clark Five track.


Shane Brown
Date: 6/22/2011
I know a hand full of these bands but like many 0f my own mixes they are all over the place music wise. I adore what I know and l would like to hear what I do not. This mix looks amazing and love anything that adored Luna and also Rain... my main weakness but I am a Pisces LOLZ