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"The Ghosts of Summer"

Artist Song
Devo  Some Things Never Change 
Thompson Twins  Roll Over 
Talk Talk  Life's What You Make It 
The Smiths  That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore 
Love  Maybe the People Would be the Times or Between Clark and Hillldale 
Belle and Sebastian  The Stars of Track and Field 
The Judybats  Our Story 
Pet Shop Boys  King of Rome 
Michael Jackson  Ghosts 
Beck  Replica 
Santigold  Say Aha 
The Bird and the Bee  Witch 
Future Bible Heroes  A You You Never Knew 
The Magnetic Fields  No One Will Ever Love You 
Scott Walker  Boy Child 
Associates  No 
David Bowie  Teenage Wildlife 
The Divine Comedy  Snowball in Negative 


I actually compiled this in August of 2010 but forgot to upload the track listing here. I'd actually begun working on it a little earlier than that and the disc underwent a few revisions before arriving at this final lineup. It mainly consists of a bunch of songs that either remind me of various summers in my life or that suited my mood last summer. It's interesting how these things can become little period pieces and put you right back in the mindset you had at a particular time in your life. Obviously, this one was somewhat dour, filled with a lot of melancholy and haunting songs. On the other hand, it's looking like this summer is shaping up to be the same way.