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She's A Bit Of All Right: A (Relatively) Work Safe Kate Nash Mix

Artist Song
Kate Nash  Paris  
Kate Nash  Foundations  
Kate Nash  Early Christmas  
Kate Nash  Mouthwash  
Kate Nash  Do-Wah-Doo  
Kate Nash  We Get On  
Kate Nash  I Hate Seagulls  
Kate Nash  Mariella  
Kate Nash  My Best Friend Is You 
Kate Nash  Nicest Thing  
Kate Nash  Kiss That Grrrl  
Kate Nash  Pumpkin Soup  
Kate Nash  Later On  
Kate Nash  Pickpocket  
Kate Nash  Skeleton Song  
Kate Nash  Take Me To A Higher Plane  
Kate Nash  Don't You Want To Share The Guilt?  
Kate Nash  Merry Happy  


Kate Nash was my favorite new musical discovery of 2010. (She's been around longer than that, but I was late to the party.) One of the many female artists to recently come out of Britain she's a bit more Lily Allen than Adele. But what I really like about her (other than the incredibly catchy music she writes) is how charmingly unpretentious she is.

The downside to that lack of pretension is that she's totally ambivalent to things like suitability for airplay, chart position, and other music industry concerns when choosing songs to put on her CDs. And neither does she censor herself one bit. That leads to the occasional song that is, to use the acronymical parlance of the times, NSFW. Really, really not safe.

So the idea was to put together a mix of all of the songs from her CDs that I didn't need/want to skip to then take in to work. I'd never again have to worry about sprinting back to the CD player to hit the forward button before some overly sensitive septuplegenarian in the fitting room managed to work out exactly what those noises were that were coming through the walls. But I don't have that problem anymore. So now I'm just finishing and releasing this to help clean out the mix queue before the year is out.
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