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Artist Song
XTC  Homo Safari  
Buzzcocks  Moving Away From the Pulsebeat  
U2  Like a Song...  
Echo and the Bunnymen  With a Hip 
Joy Division  Dead Souls  
David Bowie  Red Sails  
Yoko Ono  Walking on Thin Ice  
David Byrne & Brian Eno  I Feel My Stuff  
Paul Simon  Outrageous  
The Magnetic Fields  Strange Powers  
The Ocean Blue  Drifting, Falling  
Sade  Smooth Operator  
John Lennon  Nobody Told Me  
They Might Be Giants  Three Might Be Duende  
Frank Black  Los Angeles  
The Judybats  She Lives (In a Time of Her Own) 
The Divine Comedy  Your Daddy's Car (Radio Version) 
Talk Talk  Time It's Time  


Started out with a definite emphasis on big drums and rhythms and descended into a very moody selection of songs that had been on my mind as of late. Compiled spontaneously in December of 2011.