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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock

songs i will never get to see live again.

Side A
Artist Song
drive like jehu  do you compute 
boys life  sight unseen 
clikatat ikatowi  librarian 
jawbreaker  accident prone 
afghan whigs  honky's ladder 
far  nestle 
mineral  slower 
failure  pitiful 
knapsack  arrows to the action 
vitreous humor  385 feet wide 
shudder to think  red house 
mission of burma  that's when i reach for my revolver 
hum  if you are to bloom 
braid  i keep a diary 
Side B
three mile pilot  ruin 
the regrets  good things come to those in small packages 
archers of loaf  harnessed in slums 
chisel  innocents abroad 
ben folds five  uncle walter 
pavement  shady lane 
husker du  standing in the rain 
rites of spring  for want of 
refused  new noise 
the smashing pumpkins  an ode to no one 
nirvana  rape me 
sunny day real estate  48 
jawbox  savory 
slint  good morning captain 


rest in peace, all these bands.


Date: 7/6/2001
The Whigs are OVER?? I thought Twilight Singers was just a side project..NOOOOOOOOO!!..Luckily I got to see SDRE on the How It Feels...Tour..Great idea for a mix
Date: 11/30/2001
sunny day are back together again. too bad they suck now.