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to never die young

Side A
Artist Song
built to spill  car (live) 
semisonic  falling 
ida  tellings 
clem snide  the water song 
pedro the lion  breadwinner you 
grandaddy  so you'll aim toward the sky 
death cab for cutie  photobooth 
eels  feeling good (live) 
love spit love  am i wrong 
764-hero  you were the long way home 
jude  battered broken 
catherine wheel  delicious 
clint mansell  ghosts 
Side B
blinker the star  there's nowhere you can hide 
songs: ohia  easts last heart 
low  i started a joke 
grant lee buffalo  even the oxen 
the dismemberment plan  the city 
braid  forever got shorter 
sordid humor  helena 
at the drive-in  hourglass 
cursive  the radiator hums 
jimmy eat world  for me this is heaven 
quasi  me and my head 
dashboard confessional  the swiss army romance 


this is a cute wee **crush tape** [definitely one of my favourite themes] i made for my most recent and incredibly futile crush boy, kennan. includes many of our mutual favourite bands.. and the night i made this, we'd been trying to figure out which love spit love song we both adored. then i remembered i owned it. huzzah! [tape title stolen from the fucking AMAZING anniversary song of the same name]


Talia Jacobson
Date: 7/8/2001
yes, this is definitely a mix to stare up at the ceiling and daydream to. lovely. and extra points if that's the pedro the lion a capella track.
stephanie m.
Date: 7/10/2001
huzzah! yep, it's the pedro song from the secretly canadian comp. it's my favourite pedro song ever, i think. that comp has a truly amazing low song as well. thanks. :)
Rob Conroy
Date: 7/11/2001
This is lovely.