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that was me out there flying

Side A
Artist Song
soul coughing  st. louise is listening 
portastatic  san andreas 
versus  underground 
the dismemberment plan  this christmas 
empire state  pie pan 
the apples in stereo  you said that last night 
hot rod circuit  the power of the vitamins 
smart went crazy  domestic tension 
bonnie 'prince' billy  raining in darling 
Side B
sebadoh  too pure 
death cab for cutie  champagne from a paper cup 
pj harvey  a place called home 
the twilight singers  king only 
764-hero  you were the long way home 
simon joyner  the lousy dance 
eels  feeling good (live) 
clem snide  i can't stay here tonight 


part 1 of 2 of a set of tapes i made when a boy asked me to make him tapes that entirely summed up what i listen to. this is the *happy* tape, mind. :)