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let's get one thing straight: there are no answers

Side A
Artist Song
songs: ohia  easts last heart 
pedro the lion  breadwinner you 
eels  bad news 
beth orton  touch me with your love (live) 
underwater salvage parters  rudy 
clem snide  accident 
low  july 
lullaby for the working class  eskimo song duel 
Side B
the black heart procession  waterfront (the sinking road) 
arab strap  direction of strong man 
julie doiron & the wooden stars  the longest winter 
bright eyes  arienette 
ida  tellings 
belle & sebastian  she's losing it 
jude  battered broken 
elliott smith  say yes 


part 2 of the aforementioned tape set -- this is the sister (or brother) to "that was me out there flying," this one being the sad tape, i.e. the bands i listen to more regularly. except belle & sebastian, who i actually detest aside from the song i put here. [tape title stolen from a lyric in the cursive song "proposals"]


lux [jessica].
Date: 7/10/2001
you named it after that stellar song, but didn't put it on the tape. geesh! kidding, stephanie alwasy making wonderful tapes with songs like "say yes." too perfect.
stephanie m.
Date: 7/10/2001
i think it would have been a tad jarring, cos you could easily sleep to the entire tape. but thanks, dearest. :)