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gentlemen, start your engines.

Side A
Artist Song
the black heart procession  square heart 
the weakerthans  illustrated bibles stories for children (live) 
favez  headed for the ocean 
jimmy eat world  no sensitivity 
silver scooter  run 
her space holiday  fan club 
764-hero  you were the long way home 
piebald  fat and skinny asses 
dashboard confessional  the swiss army romance 
lauryn hill  can't take my eyes off of you 
jude  prophet 
velour 100  your sky 
clint mansell  ghosts of things to come 
Side B
pedro the lion  june 18, 1976 
elliott smith  last call 
luna  sweet child o' mine 
bright eyes  something vague 
crooked fingers  here come the snakes 
songs: ohia  lioness 
clem snide  your night to shine 
low  medicine magazines 
death cab for cutie  song for kelly huckaby 
telecognac  jonathan's song 
braid  painting nebraska 


another crush mix, for a boy named kyle that i only ever met once. :P note the omnipresent 764-hero song! i really, really, really love that song. on an up note, i think the second side would've scared him off anyway. he's in a hardcore band.


Don't Dream It's Over.
Date: 7/8/2001
ooo. i love that favez song. i have it on this big wheel rec sampler. i keep putting off getting one of their albums.
Rob Conroy
Date: 7/11/2001
Wow. Another wonderful mix... special props to your Bright Eyes pick and your choice of my absolute FAVORITE Songs: Ohia tune (see my "I'll Close My Eyes and Listen" mix, if you wish). I think you and I need to trade sometime...