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young bodies heal quickly, you know

Side A
Artist Song
david garza  blow my mind 
catherine wheel  delicious 
alkaline trio  clavicle 
clem snide  don't be afraid of your anger 
ani difranco  worthy 
jets to brazil  king medicine 
radiohead  knives out 
flin flon  ukraina 
Side B
rufus wainwright  in my arms 
low  will the night 
jude  i know 
arab strap  new birds [live] 
hayden  in september 
the anniversary  all things ordinary 
harvey danger  sad sweetheart of the rodeo 
david garza  too much 


for matt: a crisis tape, just to get my point across elegantly. no hysterics. no heroics. the tape reads like the letter i'm either too shy or forthright to sit down, think up, and write out myself. apprehension versus excitement, trepidation versus looking forward.


Talia Jacobson
Date: 7/18/2001
lovely. here's hoping he understands. *smile*
Don't Dream It's Over.
Date: 7/18/2001
Yay for Alkaline Trio's 'Clavicle'.
I have David Garza's song 'Discoball World' on this music magazine sampler cd i tore out at K-mart. It rules.
jaime b
Date: 7/18/2001
i'm laughing at one thing you did not say, but it's here and i'm grinning in an old-fashioned way.