F*ck The Man Wherever You Can!

Side A
Artist Song
Sixty Stories  Work To Rule 
Painted Thin  Piece by Piece 
The Weakerthans  Exiles Among Us 
Greg MacPherson  Work 
Ember Swift  Corporate Daddy 
Tegan and Sara  More For Me 
Weeping Tile  In The Road 
The Bonaduces  Damage Deposit 
Moneen  The Realization of How It's Always Been 
Choke  Perfect, Plastic 
D.B.S.  Courage 
I Spy  Shamus' Nuts 
Propagandhi  Fuck The Border 
Side B
Godspeed You Black Emperor!  track1/disc1 fr. "Lift Yr Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven" 
Andy Stochansky  Arrest 
Kinnie Starr  Praise 
Painting Daisies  Rescue 
Plumtree  Was That All? 
Cub  I'm Your Angel 
B'ehl  Swim By 


So... my goal was to make a mix that contained all Canadian music, to give away on my upcoming trip to Boston. I am currently really angry with my job, feeling exploited and as if I've been sacrificing myself in order to make money. This tape evolved into a sort of theme... being unsatisfied with your job (in today's world who couldn't relate?)... fighting back in whatever way you can... Then the rest of the tape is filled with other music that makes me want to abolish other areas of the system... and the second side is mostly mellow music that just makes me happy. I think this mix fit most in the "theme" category. Anyways, I really really really liked this mix after I made it, so I'm going to be selfish and keep myself a copy. I'd be willing to make copies for others in trade *IF* you are willing to be patient until after I've moved out on Sept 1st. I really want to figure out a way to scan the artwork/cover I made for this mix before I give the original away!


Date: 8/6/2001
I am always down for Damming the man..and since I am moving too, I'd like to trade and that seems to work out well!