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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock

just let me kiss your watery hands.

Side A
Artist Song
pavement  summer babe 
discount  broken to blue 
jawbreaker  jinx removing 
j church  bomb 
cap'n jazz  little league 
idlewild  paint nothing 
superchunk  watery hands 
archers of loaf  web in front [live] 
ben folds five  kate 
hazel  dayglo 
death cab for cutie  405 [acoustic] 
braid  niagara 
the weakerthans  aside 
blur  charmless man 
camden  mike, who is diary 
the smoking popes  i know you love me 
the pixies  allison 
built to spill  car 
the smashing pumpkins  muzzle 
the replacements  skyway 
Side B
at the drive in  initiation [live] 
vitreous humor  385 feet wide 
starmarket  your style 
knapsack  heart carved tree 
cave in  magnified [failure cover] 
hum  why i like the robins 
something for kate  the astronaut [live] 
sunny day real estate  47 
mineral  for ivadell 
the casket lottery  a thousand oaks [away from home] 
planes mistaken for stars  leaning the room 
cursive  the radiator hums 
elliott smith  baby britain 
onelinedrawing  14 to 41 
guided by voices  game of pricks 
sebadoh  skull 
pearl jam  wishlist [live] 
jimmy eat world  clarity 
jets to brazil  sweet avenue 


this one i just made today, for this girl whom i like a lot [and she likes me, excellent]. maybe there are a few subliminal messages in here, im not sure. its a pretty good tape though.


Annie Will
Date: 8/11/2001
i am jealous of this girl. no one has ever just made me a mix tape. in fact, no one has EVER made me a mix tape. you seem like a very sweet and nice guy. keep rockin'.
Rob Conroy
Date: 8/12/2001