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rip off what's beautiful

Side A
Artist Song
the faint  mote (sonic youth)* 
braid  trompe le monde (pixies) 
the clash  i fought the law 
cat power  satisfaction (rolling stones) 
radiohead  the thief (can)* 
sleater-kinney (w/ the butchies and the gossip)  fortunate son (creedence clearwater revival)* 
rasputina  you don't own me (lesley gore 
lou reed  this magic moment 
cowboy junkies  blue moon revisited 
modest mouse  sleepwalkin' (santo and johnny) 
brad mehldau  paranoid android (radiohead) 
Side B
melvins  smells like teen spirit (nirvana) 
weezer  velouria (pixies) 
mr. bungle  baby one more time (britney spears) 
jane's addiction  sympathy for the devil (rolling stones) 
k's choice  weak (skunk anansie)* 
a perfect circle  ashes to ashes (david bowie)* 
prozac +  gone daddy gone (violent femmes) 
pixies  evil hearted you (graham gouldman) 
joy division  sister ray (velvet underground)* 
calexico  chanel no. 5 (american music club) 
the white stripes  one more cup of coffee (bob dylan) 


90 minute tape filled with good covers. I hope to make another one of these soon because I love covers and have a lot of them. Starred tracks are live -- and I know that neither the Cowboy Junkies nor the Modest Mouse tracks are strict covers (they make up extra lyrics) but both definitely stole the melodies, which in "Sleepwalk"'s case is the whole song. The Brad Mehldau track is all piano, no lyrics. After that there's a "hidden" live track of the Clash doing 'Blitzkrieg Bop' by the Ramones -- it's short and really not very good quality but I couldn't resist. :)


Talia Jacobson
Date: 10/3/2001
okay, you, i think i need a copy of this. name your price. and then we'll negotiate. *grin*
Date: 10/7/2001
isn't Sympathy For The Devil by Guns N Roses??
Date: 10/8/2001
Nope... Sympathy for The Devil is definitely by the Stones
Geoff Holland12
Date: 11/2/2001
the original is by the stones...scary when there are people who are young enough that they don't know the Stones!