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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Experimental

Habeus Corpus

Side A
Artist Song
LTJ Bukem  Demon's Theme 
Roni Size  Brown Paper Bag 
DJ Dara  Smoke 
JMJ & Richie  Freee La Funk (PFM mix) 
The Prodigy  Wind It Up (rewound) 
Doc Scott  Far Away 
Photek  The Hidden Camera (static mix)  
808 State  Banacheq  
Side B
Goldie & J. Majik  Sunray 2 
Kruder & Dorfmeister  Out of the Blue 
Scorpio  Lili 
Aphex Twin  To Cure a Weakling Child  
Don and Roland  Ode to Don Jose 
Funky Technicians  Airtight (remix) 
T.D.F.  Rip Stop 
Digital  Down Under  


My second drum n' bass/jungle mix. Being new to the genre, I naturally thought it to be the soundtrack of the future. I became a little disheartened when it started showing up in TV commercials, and normally mainstream artists intergrated it with their new albums(David Bowie, anyone?); but since then it's taken sort of a bad rap and gone back underground, which is where it belongs.
My feelings about the style are that it shouldn't be confined to a certain cadre of experts in the field(like Goldie or LTJ Bukem), but can be used by others in the "techno" field...provided they can do it right...=]'
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