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Conversation in Song, 12/08/01-12/12/01

Artist Song
The Lucky Strikes (1)  When You Are Near 
Jude (1)  Love Letters 
Ellis Paul (2)  Last Call 
Ottmar Liebert (1)  Santa Fe 
Belle and Sebastian (2)  We Rule The School 
Sarge (1)  Beguiling 
Vivaldi (2)  Violin Concerto no. 8 
Jimmy Buffet (2)  My Head Hurts 
Varttina (1)  Oi Dai 
Visotsky (2)  Zhiraf Bolshoy 
Varttina (1)  Katariina 


I was getting to know this boy at school and as part of the process, we traded MP3s over the network. I decided to compile the songs onto the CD, as a physical memento of the process. The (1)s and (2)s denote the back and forth exchange.