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mixage for zoe!

Artist Song
apani b. fly emcee  estragen 
rainer maria  i love you too 
olivia tremor control  love athena 
the faint   worked up so sexual 
mirah   gone sugaring 
the moldy peaches  lucky number nine 
belle and sebastian   sleep the clock around (live) 
erin mckeown  blackbirds 
bjork   all is full of love (remix) 
julie doiron  sweeter 
cat power   sea of love 
centro-matic  rock and roll eyes 
promise ring  b is for bethlehem 
kicking giant  songbird 
mary timony   the hour glass 
jejune   the same to you 
american analog set  weather report 
joan jett  crimson and clover 
the melvins  berthas 
tiger trap  words and smiles 
jill scott feat. mos def  love rain  
red house painters  have you forgotten 
modest mouse  so much beauty 



Date: 4/11/2002
looks really nice. i looked at a few of your other mixes and they looked really good too.