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a servant's story. 3.0

Side A
Artist Song
black rebel motorcycle club  head up high 
goldfrapp  pilots 
black box recorder  soul boy 
stars  my radio (am mix) 
elastica  hold me now 
tori amos  i'm not in love 
francoise hardy  si mi caballero 
richard hell  new pleasure 
groove armada  edge hill 
spiritualized  out of sight 
Side B
bjork  unison 
the strokes  trying your luck 
jj72  willow 
pj harvey  the garden 
catatonia  shore leave 
jesus & mary chain  the hardest walk 
tori amos  ode to the banana king 
theaudience  i know enough (i don't get enough) 
morrissey  lazy sunbathers 
lush  love at first sight 
gentle waves  falling from grace 


this is another set of songs that i've been listening to while working on a sorta kinda erotic novel called "a servant's story." the songs are mostly an extension of my main character's thoughts at different intervals. so far.
i'm sure i'll end up coming up with yet another set of songs while I continue working on it. :)


jaime b
Date: 2/28/2002
wow! that's really neat! great idea, and great tracks.. francoise hardy is erotic as hell
Date: 2/28/2002
thanks so much for the comments. francoise's stuff kinda plays into the story a bit. I don't speak much french, but I really like a lot of her stuff. so, i'm sure if they were translated, they wouldn't have much to do with the story, like some of the other songs.
Larz Gustafsson1
Date: 3/2/2002
I'm glad you included Richard Hell too.
His first album is great, if you ask me.
Have you got it?
Date: 3/2/2002
of course i've got the richard hell album. at the moment, i'm quite into "rock n roll club." I think that may go on a future soundtrack type thingy for something i'm starting to work on. thanks for the comment.