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I stole your Wilco cd

Artist Song
For Squirrels  Mighty KC 
Ash  Goldfinger 
Pavement  Elevate me later 
Letters to Cleo  Dangerous Type 
Wilco  Outtasite  
Possum Dixon  Elevators 
Spacehog  In the Meantime 
Phish  Bouncing round the room 
Bob Dylan  Love minus zero no limit 
Supergrass  Moving 
Freedy Johnston  Bad Reputation 
Weezer  The World has turned and left me here 
Led Zeppelin  Tangerine 
Elliott Smith  I better be quiet now 
Manic Street Preachers  Suicide is painless 
Charlatans UK  North Country Boy 
Ryan Adams  New York, New York 
Grant Lee Buffalo  Testimony 


my ex-boyfriend had a party a few years ago and I used the opportunity to steal his wilco cd...I have no idea why, I'm not even that big of a fan. So, this mix is a little narrative of the guys that have been in my life...a lot of these songs were on mixes we made for each other or listened to at the time. Songs 1-7 represent my first real boyfriend, 8-9 are a summer fling, songs 10-14 are my first hardcore infatuation and heartbreak ("I better be quiet now" great song for unrequited love)15-16 are spring collegey flings and 17-18 represent my last "relationship" and the last time I make a mix tape for a least for a long while. Ahh, nothing like a little mixing and soul bearing to make your day brighter.


Geoffrey Holland
Date: 3/5/2002
wow...hard to believe that you had to make this. Maybe you stole the Wilco Cd because it was a diamond amongst the crap? Only you really knows...and I sorta know how you feel. Great mix.