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Oh, And I Want That Platoon Song Too

Artist Song
Timo Maas  Time To Get Down (Fatboy Slim Mix) 
Volatile Agents  Hooked On You 
Luther Vandross  Never Too Much (Illicit Vocal Mix) 
Big Time Charlie  Chasing Rainbows 2002 (Junior Jack Mix) 
Michael Jackson  Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Illicit Vocal Mix) 
Marvin Gaye  Sexual Healing (Illicit Vocal Mix) 
Oris Jay presents Delsena  Trippin' (Agent Sumo Mix) 
Norlander vs Xpansions  Elevation (A Mix) 
Club Disciples  Fly (Original Extended Mix) 
Samuel Barber  Adagio For Strings (Minimalistix Remix) 
C & A  Sweet Dreams (Rob Searle Vocal Mix) 
Brainbug  Nightmare (2002 White Label Mix) 


Another mix of dance tracks for my girlfriend, all 'unmixed' full length tracks - total running time about 78 minutes. The title was the last thing she said to me before I compiled this CD, she wanted a remix of Barber's Adagio For Strings.
Goes from Mr Slim, through a little UK Garage (Volatile Agents) and classic vocal house (Big Time Charlie, Illicit mixes) and on to some trancier stuff (Minimalistix, Rob Searle stuff). Should help her get ready to go clubbing at the weekend, and annoy the neighbours just a little less than some of my hip hop compilations.


Date: 3/15/2002
nice selection...
Junior D 1
Date: 3/15/2002
Detale on the house tip, yo's.