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love's just like that

Artist Song
magnetic fields  asleep and dreaming 
ozma  natalie portman 
woody guthrie  i ain't got no home in this world anymore 
dismemberment plan  the ice of boston 
frente  bizarre love triangle 
elliott smith  because 
get up kids  mass pike 
unwound  october 
solvent  solvently one listens 
love-cars  this is progress 
beatles  i will 
atmosphere  nothing but sunshine 
aphex twin  flim 
astor piazzolla  tango 1 
hum  stars 
mike fabio  my only friends are black and decker 
low  dinosaur act 
phish  wading in the velvet sea 
ani difranco  when i'm gone 


frustration, fear, anxiety, detachment, insularity.


Dougie Fresh
Date: 3/31/2002
Tasty. I love mixes that make me misty eyed just looking at the track list...