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CD | Theme - Romantic
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lady, step inside my hyundai

Artist Song
White Stripes  Fell in love with a girl 
The Strokes  New York city cops 
Belle and sebastian  lazy line painter jane 
beck  get real paid 
beck   hollywood freaks 
dar williams  are you out there 
jayhawks  i'd run away 
dave matthews band  ants marching 
strokes  last night 
white stripes  hotel yorba 
weezer  el scorcho 
ben folds  annie waites 
bjork  big time sensuality 
gorillaz  rock the house 
lemonheads  into your arms 
ryan adams  gonna make you love me 
belle and sebastian  get me away from here, i'm dying 
weezer   across the sea 
beck  debra 


Part 2 of the mixes for the g/f. some of them are inside jokes, but it's supposed to be for driving. I'm not completely pleased with the order or song selection, but i have to keep in mind that she chides me for being 'too indie,' so I'm trying to keep that stuff as minimal as possible and added stuff she likes. So long as I have something decent to listen to on long rides in her new car, I'm fine. Suggestions welcome before I actually burn this junk. By the way, part one is up at Make Love to me forever.


Date: 5/4/2002
uhh...good job. if she chides you for being too indie, i would chide you for being a bit too mainstream w/dave matthews :)