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CD | Theme

The Dark Knight Returns

Side A
Artist Song
Pink Floyd  In the Flesh? 
Pink Floyd  Paranoid Eyes (edit) 
Pink Floyd  The Thin Ice (edit) 
U2  Trip Through Your Wires 
Pink Floyd  The Postwar Dream (edit) 
Pink Floyd  Another Brick, Part 1 
Pink Floyd  One of My Turns 
Pink Floyd  Run Like Hell 
Pink Floyd  Waiting for the Worms (edit) 
The Cure  Lovesong 
Pink Floyd  Stop 
The Clash  Guns of Brixton 
The Clash  London Calling 
The Clash  I'm Not Down 
Side B
The Cure  Last Dance 
The Cure  Disintigration 
The Cure  Pornography 
Robbie Robertson  Sweet Fire of Love 
Robbie Robertson  Showdown at Big Sky 
The Clash  Red Angel Dragnet (edit) 
Robbie Robertson  Fallen Angel 
U2  Bullet the Blue Sky 
Pink Floyd  Outside the Wall 
U2  Exit 


This is a mix tape for a project I did about 10 years ago for an "Interartistic Comparison" class I took. The point of the course was to study and make comparisons between works of art in completely different media. For my final project, I assembled a soundtrack to Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns." The visual end was actually completed by purchasing a couple reissues of the comic and hacking them into a collage that, when combined with the "soundtrack," would still convey the essence of the story. I used the music of Pink Floyd (mostly from "The Wall") to illustrate the duality in both Batman/Bruce Wayne and his similarly divided foe, Two-Face. As Batman took the fight against the Mutants street gang, the music of The Clash seemed appropriate (they reappear near the end with "Red Angel Dragnet" as Batman raises his own vigilante army). Robert Smith has always seemed to have a bit of the Joker in him, so The Cure was used for the Joker's obsession/infatuation/twisted relationship with Batman. U2 and Robbie Robertson (more specifically, Daniel Lanois' "wall of sound") were used for the more mythic elements of the story, especially the final showdown between the two god-like figures of Batman and Superman. I've long since lost the cassette itself, so I'm guess where the break hits - also the songs marked "edit" were used only for a chorus or verse/chorus where appropriate.


Date: 5/13/2002
very interesting and quite cool!
Date: 5/14/2002
My friend Jgourds just wrote a thesis-style paper on Batman, specifically The Dark Knight Returns. He descreibed Bruce Wayne's psycological maladies in a way that made me think of Pink in The Wall. Whenever I listen to The Wall, I always try to picture what the story I would create around Pink would be, if I hadn't been influenced by the movie's visulazation. Perhaps a Batman allegeory... that would be badass. Kudos.